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Reimagining Conservation Landscapes in India

Ramki Sreenivasan, Co-founder, Conservation India, Passes Away

The Hunter’s Hunter

Sentries of the Sea – Sea Snakes along the Indian Coast

Old Dog, New Tricks: Methods to Count Dhole Numbers

Horrific Killings of Fishing Cats in Howrah, West Bengal

Monk’s patience, Owl’s wisdom – How a Fishing Cat Hunts

Are Himalayan Black Bears in the North Bengal Foothills a Product of a Bigger Ecological Disaster?

Climate Resilience in the Sunderbans

In search of the Pale-capped Pigeon, Odisha

Forging Linkages Across Regions for the Wide-ranging Asian Elephant

Mind the Gap: Connectivity Conservation for Dholes in India

The Warli and their Waghoba

Can stewardship on agricultural lands reconcile conservation and livelihood needs in India?

The Offence of Illegal Possession under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972

Forest Birds Decline in Response to Land Use Change in the Western Himalaya

Precious Amrit Mahal Kavals are not Wastelands

Dundhwa Seha, Panna Tiger Reserve

Major Mortality of Birds in a Vineyard in Karnataka

Counting Dholes: A First For India

Pelicans in Peril – Nematode Infestation Alert!

Three New Linear Intrusions in Goa will Fragment Western Ghats

Conserving tigers against the odds: Lessons from Karnataka

Dead or Dying Wild Birds (via Bird Count India)

Against the Elephant: MoEFCC’s Guidelines for Human-Elephant Conflict Management

Gangetic River Dolphin Rescues in the Ganges, Uttar Pradesh

The Monarch of the Anamalais: Monitoring Nilgiri Tahr Populations to Inform Conservation

Hunting Festivals of West Bengal — An Untold Story of Wildlife Massacre

The Ethics of Utilising Drones in Wildlife Conservation and Monitoring

The State of Wildlife and Protected areas in Maharashtra – News and information from the PA update 1996-2015

Fever from the Forests

Systematic Weakening of statutory bodies under MoEF&CC – An interview with Praveen Bhargav

A Case of Found and Lost – How Karnataka is Driving Away a Bird on the Verge of Extinction

Is It Time to Rethink Wildlife Crime and its Data In India?

Saving Vultures

Oil India Well Blowout Threatens Dibru-Saikhowa National Park and local wildlife

Peregrine Falcons and other Raptors being Brutally Killed by Pigeon-fanciers in Punjab

Trade in Dolphin Oil and Body Parts in Central West Bengal

Flamingo Spectacle in Navi Mumbai, April 2020

Bycatch Mortality and Poaching of Ganges River Dolphins in Malda District, West Bengal

An Electrocuted Fishing Cat, Howrah, West Bengal

Illegal Wildlife Hunting and Trade in Tamenglong, Manipur

Hesaraghatta Grasslands in Danger, Again!

Connecting Tiger Populations for Long-term Conservation

Illegal Turtle Trade at Agartala, Tripura

Bird Deaths in Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan, Attributed to Avian Botulism

Ecological Restoration Increases Tree Diversity and Carbon Storage in Degraded Rainforest Fragments

First record of Finsch’s Wheatear for India, Desert National Park, Rajasthan

Book Release – Wildlife Law for Rangers

Living with Leopards – Conflict or Coexistence?

Kashmir Grey Langur, Dachigam National Park, Jammu & Kashmir

Jackal and Domestic Dog Hybrid, Howrah, West Bengal

The Recent Supreme Court Order on Forest Rights Act (FRA) Does Not Affect Genuine Claimants

Feral Dog Hunting Bar-headed Goose, Magadi, Karnataka

Sighting of a Super Pod of Pan-tropical Spotted Dolphins off Chennai Coast

Whale and Dolphin Surprises in Goa

Electro-fishing, Loktak Lake, Manipur

Bamboo Rat, Dampa Tiger Reserve, Mizoram

Treading a Conservation Path — Community Reserves in Zunheboto, Nagaland

A Bullet to the Lungs: Mumbai Set to Lose More Forest to High-Speed Railway Line

Let’s get to know the Fishing Cat in February!

Studying Patterns of Human Injuries and Deaths Due to Leopards, Lions and Tigers in Three Countries

Endangered Sloth Bear Rescued from a 40-ft Deep Well, Tumakuru, Karnataka

Parakeets Attacking Monitor Lizard, Bharatpur

Poached Gangetic Dolphin, Malda, West Bengal

Friends in Wrong Places: Assessing the Impacts of Domestic Dogs on Wildlife in India

Flying Squirrels of Arunachal Pradesh

Goa’s Marine Mammals in Danger

Jackals and porcupine, Bharatpur

An Unexpected Raid: A Tale of Communities and Conservation from Nagaland

Rare Yellow-throated Laughingthrush at Doyang, Nagaland

A Community-based ‘Goat Bank’ for Fishing Cats in West Bengal

Over 30 Flamingos Electrocuted in Bhavanagar, Gujarat

Swamp Francolin, Kaziranga

Nepal Vulture Release Shows Removing Diclofenac is Key to Success

Sharing Space with Big Cats and Elephants — Lessons from Tea Gardens of North Bengal

Tibetan Wild Ass attacked by dog pack

Rare Cinereous Vulture Sighted in Nagarahole Tiger Reserve

The Importance of Woodlands in Tropical Agricultural Landscapes

Asian Koel Chicks in House Crow’s Nest, Chennai

A Beginner’s Guide to Bat-watching

Domestic Cats — Threat to Island Biodiversity

When Humans are Curious to Know the Spotted Cat

Tragic Loss of a Tusker, Kaziranga

Mapping the Last Grasslands of the Palani Hills, Tamil Nadu

Unethical Bird Photographers Disgrace Wildlife Community in West Bengal

Langur Roadkill, Nagarahole Tiger Reserve, Karnataka

Cormorant and Plastic, Bangalore

Rare Bird Sighted in Pulicat lake, Tamil Nadu Coast

Birds, Forests and Development in Himalayan Oak Forests: A Study in Progress

Indian Grey Mongoose with Indian Eagle Owl Kill, Maharashtra

Death of an Otter

Conserving Otters as if People Mattered

Polling for Pakke 2019 — Please help Pakke Tiger Reserve pick its best images!

Himalayan Forest Thrush — New Bird Species discovered in India and China

The Endangered Fishing Cat, Howrah, West Bengal

Saswad Grasslands near Pune in Danger

Growing Oil Palm Threat to India’s Biodiversity

Uncovering an Obscure Trade: Threatened Freshwater Fishes and the Aquarium Pet Markets

Connecting the Tigers — Mapping Habitat Connectivity for Tigers in Central India

Bleeding the Chambal Dry

Village Dog Feeding on Barking Deer, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Empty Sea Syndrome

Statement by Country Director – WCS India, on FIR against Karnataka Forest Officers

Going Nowhere? Roads and Conservation in India

Inviolate Spaces Act as Refugia for Conflict Prone Asiatic Elephant

Desert Fox Pays the Price of a Smoother Road

Want To Save Tigers? Better Have Your Numbers Straight.

Ingenious Snare, Kanchipuram

Chousingha near Pune, Maharashtra

Oil Palm Should not be Expanded in Arunachal Pradesh

Dholes in the Western Ghats

Illegal Wildlife Trade Amidst the Biggest Animal Fair of Asia – The Sonepur Animal Mela in Bihar

Red Serow, Hmuifang, Mizoram

Urgent! Images Needed for Road Impacts on Wildlife

The Enigma of the Forest Owlet

Striped Hyena Persistence in India — Insights from Kumbhalgarh and Esrana in Rajasthan

Lights on for Elephants

Brown Mongoose, Valparai

Western Ghats Coffee Plantations Sustain High Bird Diversity in India

Chinese Pangolin, Tamenglong Market, Manipur

Tracking Leatherback Turtle Migration

Mass Bycatch Mortality of Sea Snakes, Goa

The Elusive Leopard Cats of India

Urban Residents of the Wild Kind in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Polling for Pakke — Vote for the Best Camera Trap Image

Saving the Elusive Pygmy Hog

Gharial Population Estimation in the Chambal and Conservation Implications

Bearded Vulture or Lammergeier, Jammu & Kashmir

Gaur in Town!

GBBC is Back! Join the Biggest Birding Event in the World (17-20 Feb 2017)

Losing their Home — Greater Adjutants in Assam

Lost Tigers, Plundered Forests: Tracing the Decline of the Tiger in Rajasthan

A Non-Scientist’s Critique of Human-Elephant Conflict Studies and Interventions

Trade of Endangered Caracals Busted in Mirzapur, UP

Mammals in the Jeypore-Dehing forests, Assam

Translocation Tragedies: Are We Really “Rescuing” Snakes?

A First-hand Account of Incidental Dolphin Entrapment in a Fishing Net

Amur Falcon, Malampuzha, Kerala

A Species Recovery Plan for Jerdon’s Courser

The Last of Kashmir’s Royal Stags

The Elephant Conflict Story from the Terai Region, West Bengal

Bioluminescent Phytoplankton, Juhu Beach, Mumbai

Caspian Plover – A Winter Rarity in India

Indian Grey Hornbill Nesting Adaptability, Indore

Rewilding the Rare Pygmy Hog in Assam

Sunday with a Phalarope, Bhigwan, Maharashtra

Large Trees are Critical for Conserving Woodpecker Abundance and Diversity in Sub-Himalayan Forests

Studying India’s Marine Mammals — An Interview with Dipani Sutaria

Declaring Wildlife as Vermin — Legalising Hunting?

New records of Swinhoe’s and Ashy Minivet in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Declining Indian Fisheries: Perceptions of Fisher Folk from Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu

Hollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam

White-cheeked macaque — A New Primate Species for India

Are Green Businesses a Myth? CSR and Biodiversity Conservation

A Kabini afternoon…

Tahr Alert in Tamil Nadu

Something Fishy — Emptying India’s Seas

Lateritic Grassland Fires

Understanding the Distribution and Occurrence of India’s Smallest Bovid: The Chousingha

Rare Bird: White-tailed Tropicbird, Port Blair, Andamans

Swamp Prinia — A Disappearing Grassland Rarity

The Manipur Brow-antlered Deer in the World’s Only Floating National Park

Finding the Fascinating Finfoots

Palm Civet Roadkill, Bhimashankar, Maharashtra

Tiger vs. Cow: Risk Models Help Beat the Odds

Illegal Sand Mining, Shimsha River, Karnataka

Dispersing tiger shot dead by villagers in Nagaland but there may be hope yet for conservation

Hybridisation Threat in the Himalaya

Rare Bird: Green Cochoa at Namdapha

Science-based Approach to Promote Human-Elephant Coexistence — Lessons from Valparai

Poaching in Rajarhat, Kolkata

First Photographic Record of Long-eared Owl in India

Dogs attack a Spotted Deer near Dandeli, Karnataka

White-browed Crake — New Species for the Indian Subcontinent

Available now: Marine Mammals of India – A Poster and a Field Guide

Black Baza — First Record From Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Mapping Sloth Bear Distribution in India and in Western Ghats of Karnataka

Hunters Celebrate World Environment Day in West Bengal

Bird Poaching in Bangalore’s Wetlands

Book Review – Nature and Nation: Essays on Environmental History

Book Release – Nature in the City: Bengaluru in the past, present and future

Long-billed Plover and Dog, Sangti Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

Coexistence of River Dolphins with Fisheries in India

RBS Invites Applications for Earth Hero Awards

Lessons from Leopards — Uncovering the Real Conflicts in Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Gaur Crossing, Beware!

Blue Pitta, Dampa Tiger Reserve, Mizoram

Numaligarh — On a Wrong Course?

New Species to Science? Well, Who Cares?

Leopard Cat, Bhitarkanika

A New Breeding Location of Indian Skimmer in Son Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh

Stop! Don’t Shoot Like that — A Guide to Ethical Wildlife Photography

Blackbuck – Feral Dog Conflict, Vetnai

Statement of Concern by Tiger Biologists on the WWF-GTF Report

Chhattisgarh — A Neglected Area on Ecological Research

Great Indian Bustards and Wind Turbines, Desert National Park, Rajasthan

WII Report: Status of Great Indian Bustard and Associated Wildlife in the Thar Desert Landscape

Indian Skimmer Nesting in Odisha

Help Pakke Pick its Best Images and Keep up Koro Tayem’s Legacy

Tahr on the Road!

Mating Indian Vultures, Ramadevarabetta

Saving the Spoon-billed Sandpiper in Bangladesh

New Breed of Hunters in the Northeast

Spot-billed Pelican Record for Maharashtra

New Location Record for Sri Lanka Frogmouth in Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Observation on Roadkills in Dudhwa National Park

Spotted in the News: Understanding Leopards Through Media Reports

Leopard Cat Killed by Feral Dogs, Coorg, Karnataka

Demoiselle Crane — First Record from Bengaluru, India

Volunteering Can Help Save Wildlife

Marine Alert!

Tiger Killed By Wire Snare, Wayanad, Kerala

Why Do Birds Preen?

Tracking the Incredible Journey of the Amur Falcon

Missing – Clean up Crew!

Sail Tales — Spotting Terrestrial Birds at Sea

‘Gajah’: The Report of the Elephant Task Force

Another Amur Falcon Migratory Season Begins

Asian elephants play key role in spreading green cover

Mining and its aftermath

‘Missing tigress killed in Uttarakhand by poachers’ – HT

Discovery to air special on the coexistence of humans and leopards

Forest dept to relocate villages to vacate STR core area

This frog species lived under the wrong name for nearly 200 years

Supreme Court Calls for New Standards for Endangered Species Conservation

Melanistic Panther, Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

Procreation in Action

Book review — Bird Sense, Tim Birkhead

Compensation for Coexistence — Lessons from Kanha

Intruding the personal space of elephants, Bandipur

Villager Cooking Langur, Wunstubong, E Nagaland

Dead Long-billed Vulture in Windmill Site, Western Ghats

Tiger Watching, Kaziranga

Plastic in Ladakh

The Buck Stops Here

Red-tailed Trinket eating a Leaf-nosed Bat

Counting Squirrels in Indian Forests

New Frog Species Described and Named After Goa State

Purple Frog, Anamalai Hills

Swamp tiger, Sundarbans

A Longline Fishing Victim from Indian Pelagic Waters

Hunting of Blyth’s Flying Fox in Andaman Islands

Banded Tickell’s Thrush, Uttarakhand

Northern Pig-tailed Macaque, Tripura

Coastal Crabs of India — Photofeature

Ruddy Kingfisher, Sundarbans

Pelican Poaching, Chennai

Rare sighting of the Andaman Banded Dandy

Tawny Eagle with a Spiny-tailed Lizard, Tal Chhapar

Phayre’s Leaf Monkey, Tripura

Book Review: The Handbook of Road Ecology

Day of the Jackal, Chennai

Rare Bird — Gold-crested Myna

Dead Indian Vulture at Ramanagara, Karnataka

Bullfrogs in a Bucket

Siberian Weasel, Sikkim

Riparian Forests for Healthy Rivers

Pulling the Plug on Larks and their Neighbours

Kasturirangan report to be implemented by year-end – The Hindu

Habitat Fragmentation in the Western Ghats

South Indian Flying Lizard, Chikmagalur

Manipur Brow-antlered deer, Keibul Lamjao

Flying Fish, Bay of Bengal

Resurrection of a Montane Snake from Northeast India

A Dead Owl on a String, Bangalore

Mandookavani — An Acoustic Guide to the Frogs and Toads of the Western Ghats.

Pune NGO invites people to join novel protest regarding environment

Elephants near Human Settlements

Dog chasing Sambhar, Kudremukh National Park

Egyptian Vulture Feeding From a Human Skull, Ken River, Uttar Pradesh

Long-tailed Sibia, Sessa, Arunachal Pradesh

Leopard Roadkill, Demow, Assam

Black Kite Scavenging on Greater flamingo at Chilika Lake, Odisha.

Re-sighting of Collared Bar-headed Geese at Veer Dam, Maharashtra

Peregrine Falcon on Harrier Kill, Little Rann of Kutch

Yellow-rumped Honeyguide, Kedarnath, Uttarakhand

Report: TigerLink — May 2014

Report: TigerLink — Jan 2015

Greater Adjutant, Guwahati, Assam

India Takes Part In Global Bird Count

Rhino and Cattle, Pobitora, Assam

Pale-capped Pigeon, Bhubaneswar

White-Throated Kingfisher Hunting a Prinia, Basai, Haryana

Pangolin and Monitor Lizard Poachers caught in Bhadra Tiger Reserve

Leaf Deer, Nagaland

National Highway through Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary is a death trap for animals

Forest Owlet, Tansa, Maharashtra

Hunter’s Bag, Zuneheboto, Nagaland

Gibbons in Our Midst: Informing Connectivity Conservation

Eurasian Woodcock, Kedarnath, Uttarakhand

Road Killed

First record of the Chinese Thrush from the Indian Subcontinent

China’s Illegal Ivory Trade Escalating Out of Control – Save the Elephants

Indian Golden Gecko, Eastern Ghats

Mongoose vs Monitor Lizard

Baikal Bush-warbler, Dibru-Saikhowa

The Vulnerable White-naped Tit, Rajasthan

Leopard Predation on Flying Squirrel

Electric Lines Through Protected Areas

A Moment in the Life of a Forest Guard

Miscreants Caught Trying to Poison Vultures

The Endangered Narrow-headed Softshell Turtle

Elephant Rescue, Valparai

Destruction of Grasslands, Pune

Mobile-wildlife conflict

Electrocuted Great Indian Bustard, Kutch

Jumping Ant with Prey

Rescued Great Barbet, Doyang, Nagaland

Palm Civets Rescued, Trade Busted in Mysore

Steppe Eagle Shows Evidence of Diclofenac Toxicity

Dhole Pups on a Tree, Nagarahole

The Great Snow Leopard Camera Trap Expedition

Healthy Dogs, Healthy Cats — Containing Feral Dogs to Protect Wildlife

Wild dogs attacking Gaur calf, Bandipur

Feral Dogs – A Growing Threat to Wildlife

Comments invited:High Level Committee to review Environment Acts

River linking project threatens MP’s Panna Tiger Reserve – HT

Remembering Martha, the bird that blocked the sun – Live Mint

Southern Kiang , North Sikkim

Red-necked Falcon with Kill, Bangalore

Wildlife board clears most of its pending projects — Livemint

How Green is Our Green Energy?

Nilgiri Martens, Mukurthi, Nilgiris

National Board for Wildlife Agenda (12th-13th Aug 2014)

Saving Demoiselle Cranes, Khichan, Rajasthan

Dholes near Karkala, Kudremukh

Desert Fox and Salt Truck, Rann of Kutch

Eating pangolins to extinction — ZSL / IUCN Press Release

Roads Emerging as a Critical Threat to Leopards in India?

Experts against haste in green nod for projects — Livemint

Wildlife in Tea Plantations, Western Ghats

Book Review — Birds and People

Ratel’s night out

Elephant Conflict, Odisha

Book Review — “Discover Avenue Trees: A Pocket Guide” by Karthikeyan S

Book Launch — Green Wars

Photography a Serious Threat to the Great Indian Bustard

Help save elephants by signing this petition

Rufous-bellied Hawk Eagle, Mysore

Where’s my home?

Book Review — Indian Mammals

Spiny-tailed Lizard Poaching, Desert National Park

Chital antlers entangled in fishing net, Nagarahole

Dead Giant Flying Squirrel, Agumbe

Review of National Forest Policy, 1998 — Inviting Comments

Wolves of the wasteland — Livemint

New species of gecko from Northern Western Ghats

A new species of gecko from the lateritic plateaus of Northern Western Ghats

Elephants and Dhole, Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Photographers Disturbing Elephants, Corbett

Hornbill Watch — Livemint

New system for online submissions for environmental clearance — Press Information Bureau

Human-Elephant Conflict, Coimbatore

Littering — how it impacts birds

Counting Tigers Reliably — Combining Information From Multiple Sources

Arribada and the Winds of Change

Tusker in Tea, Munnar

Feral Dogs and Wild Canids in Bidar

Bioluminescent Fungi

Free Ranging Dogs with Indian Hare inside Mayureshwar Sanctuary, Maharashtra

Tourism Devastates Turtle Habitat, Morjim Beach, Goa

Yellow-legged Buttonquail hunting in Bangalore

Spoon-billed Sandpiper Conservation in Bangladesh

Blackbuck in Captivity, Karnataka

Himalayan Ibex, Kibber, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Power Lines: Threat to the Great Indian Bustard

Chemical Poisoning of Freshwater Fish in Western Ghats

Barn Owl Hunter, Maharashtra

Plastic in Lake, Santragachi, Kolkata

Life isn’t fair for the ‘King’!

Alert! Please write to your Electoral Officer

Draft Notification declaring Eco Sensitive Area in the Western Ghats states

Madras Tree Shrew in BR Hills, Karnataka

Stemming illegal trade vital to saving the world’s wildlife, says TRAFFIC

Marsh Crocodile and Fishing Net, Cauvery

Human — Macaque Conflict

Pond Heron fatally entangled in fishing net

Tribal Family Prefers Voluntary Relocation Over Forest Rights

Pale Weasel, Palam Bridge, Leh, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Dog chasing Griffon Vulture

Naga Wren-Babbler, Nagaland

Lesser & Greater White-fronted Geese, Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Human-Elephant Conflict, Corbett Tiger Reserve

Adapt and Perish? The Sea Eagle’s Uncertain Future

Western Hoolock Gibbon, Bherjan, Assam

CI Wishes its Readers a Green 2014!

Flight to Freedom — The year’s great conservation story

Life between Net and Death in Chilika

Lion-Tailed Macaque and Traffic, Someshwara

Forest Owlet, Melghat Tiger Reserve

What do Carnivores Eat?

Woodchat Shrike — First record for India from Alibaug, Maharashtra

Plastic menace at Bandipur National Park

The Tree Whisperer!

Living with Elephants, Valparai, Tamil Nadu

RBS ‘Earth Heroes’ Award Winners 2013

Have You Seen This Tusker?

Rare footage of tiger killing gaur – YouTube

Walk-In for Entrance Test MSc Wildlife Biology and Conservation 2014-16

DV Girish wins RBS ‘Protect the Tiger’ Award

Announcement – Junior Research Fellowships at Wildlife Institute of India

Courtship of Red-necked Falcons, Tal Chhapar

Stripe-necked Mongoose with Plastic Bottle, Bandipur

Tiger – Gaur Face-off, Bandhavgarh

The Flight of the Amur Falcon – Livemint

Dholes in Tea Estate near Chembra peak, Kerala

First record of Hodgson’s Bat from Western Ghats

Book Review — Ecological and Environmental Reporting in India: The Handbook for Media, NGOs and People

Leucistic Mongoose, Ranthambhore

King Cobra and Monitor Lizard

Stoat, Jispa, Himachal Pradesh

Feral Dogs Bringing Down a Nilgai (Bluebull), Gujarat

Fences in Protected Areas — No Easy Solutions

Commercial activity in Shola grasslands

Dangers to Wildlife due to Railway Tracks

Gangetic Dolphin killed by Villagers, Assam

Large-scaled Forest Lizard, Anamalais

Macaque fielding at slip, Bandipur!

Huge Impacts, But No assessment? Groups Urge MoEF to Correct its Blunder on Yettinahole Diversion Project

Brutal hunting of birds, Baisha Bil, West Bengal

Small-clawed Otters: Where are they Found?

Walayar — Walking on Knife’s Edge

Camera-trapping Mammals in Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

A questionnaire that needs your attention

National Green Tribunal (NGT) orders status quo in Challakere grasslands — ESG Press Release

Camera-trapping Mammals in Pakke Tiger Reserve

Kannada Film Industry Continues to Destroy Hesaraghatta Grasslands

Failed to escape

Crab-eating Mongoose in Gorumara – Chapramari, West Bengal

Moon Crab at Devbagh Beach, Karwar

Bonelli’s Eagle with Common Crane Kill, Little Rann of Kutch

Centre for Wildlife Studies (CWS) seeking volunteers in Maharashtra

Macaque Eating Cookies, Pench Tiger Reserve

Metal fencing around nuclear plant leads to death of 4 blackbucks in Haryana

Long-billed Vultures Mating, Ramanagaram

Gliding Frogs of India

White-rumped Vulture Release, Ahmedabad

Cormorant Caught in Fishing Net, Bhadra

South Asia’s First Integrated Wildlife Law Enforcement Strategy to be Developed in India — TRAFFIC

Regurgitation in Birds

Leopard Road Kill, MM Hills

Tribals and Dhole, Nagarahole

Forest Officer Found in Possession of Elephant Tusks – Demand Action!

Amur Falcon Shooting Incident, Nagaland

Hydropower Development in the Indian Himalaya — The Flipside

A ‘Conflict’ of Words – One-sided Reporting Can Harm Wildlife

Yellow-bellied Weasel, Mishmi Hills, Arunachal Pradesh

Insect Camouflage

Dhole and Indian Wolf, Debrigarh, Odisha

Heads I Win, Tails you Lose – China’s Tiger Trade

Spot-billed Pelicans on High Tension Cables, Pallikaranai

Mangroves at Kottuli plundered

Malabar White-headed Starling, Dandeli

Leucistic Malabar Giant Squirrel, Mahableshwar

India to Establish a National Database of Camera-trapped Tigers

Trapped Slow Loris for Sale, Nagaland

Seized Parakeets from Palamu, Jharkhand

Langur Pet, Taj Mahal

Sighting of Caspian Plover, Koonthankulam, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

Chinese Pond Heron in Kelambakkam Lake, Chennai

Plover Drenched in Oil, Navi Mumbai

Water monitor eating Jungle Babbler, Sundarbans

Catalysing Awareness — How Mumbai’s Media Represents its Leopards

Marsh Crocodile Dead After Swallowing Fishing Net, Ranganathittu

Black Stork, an Uncommon Bird in South India, Nagarahole

Meeting of the State Board for Wildlife, Uttarakhand, March 2013

A Red-wattled Lapwing Nesting on a Roof, Mumbai

Book Review — Paravaigal (Birds: Introductory field guide), Tamil

Electrocuted Elephant, Nagarahole

Book Review — On a trail with ants: A Handbook of the Ants of Peninsular India

Domestic Dogs chasing Indian Wild Ass, Little Rann of Kutch

Photographers Ruining Hesaraghatta – A Wake-up Call

Brown Palm Civet, Pampadum Shola

FDA Maharashtra Issues Order on Diclofenac Malpractices in Veterinary : A Step forward

Pelican Poaching in Kanva Dam, Channapatna, Karnataka

Jungle Cat feeding on a Nilgai calf carcass, Velavadar

Replenishing Water Tanks in Wildlife Reserves: How Scientific?

Poisoning Egrets for a Village Booze Party

Egyptian Vultures near Hassan, Karnataka

Artificial Filling of Waterholes Decried – Wildlife First Writes to CWW, Karnataka

Wild Leopard Rescued From South Delhi in Major Operation

Manual Review — ‘Monitoring Elephant Populations and Assessing Threats’ (edited by Simon Hedges)

Black-legged Kittiwake, Fourth record for India from Chavakkad, Kerala.

Greater Flamingo with sub-adult chick on its back, Dholpur

Innovative Sign Surveys and Modeling for Tropical Forest Ungulate Densities

The Endangered White-winged (Wood) Duck, Nameri, Assam

Joy as migratory Amur Falcon reaches its wintering grounds again in South Africa

Palamu’s Killer Tracks

New Genetics Research on Leopards and Tigers in India Underscores Importance of Protecting Forest Corridors

Indian Spotted Chevrotain (Mouse Deer), Nagarahole

Elephant Taunting – A Despicable Spectator Sport in Coimbatore Forests

Hesaraghatta PIL — Karnataka High Court Orders Parties to Maintain Status Quo Until Further Notice

Rare Butterfly Rediscovery — The Snowy Angle

Blackbuck and Sheep

Small Indian Civet – Road Kill

Tokay Gecko — The Million-rupee Reptile

Sloth bear cub trapped in snare — Rescued by Wildlife SOS & Karnataka Forest Department

Course in Ecology, Ethology and Conservation

Turtle and Terrapin Trade Busted in Raichur, Karnataka

Precious Wayanad in Peril

Linear Intrusions, Electricity and Elephants

Jackals in Nagarahole

Growing City, Displaced Flamingos

Bridging the Gap

Remarks by Hillary Clinton at the Partnership Meeting on Wildlife Trafficking

Bellary — a Revival for Great Indian Bustards?

First Indian record of ‘Sind’ Jerdon’s Babbler from Harike, Punjab

Unregulated Tourism at Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary, Nannaj

Petition to help save key tiger habitat in Thailand

Jackal in Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary


Sambar Battle Wild Dogs in Bandipur

TRAFFIC’s latest study “Illuminating the Blind Spot”: A study on illegal trade in Leopard parts in India

Wildlife, power authorities lock horns over elephant deaths

The Nicobarese get their Megapode

Captive Slow Loris, Mokakchong, Nagaland

Conservation swap restores corridor in a biodiversity hotspot

Rusty Spotted Cat Sighting, Nagarahole

Between Flood Waters and a Poacher’s Gun

Stopping ‘Eco-Resorts’ In Their Tracks

A Tiger in the Drawing Room — Can Luxury Tourism Benefit Wildlife?

Melanistic and Common Leopard Pair

Two Loris rescued from wildlife smugglers in Delhi airport

Dog Menace, Hesaraghatta

Narcondam Hornbill Receives a Reprieve

Unusual Bedfellows: Long-billed Vulture and Tiger!

Book Review — Birds of South Asia: The Ripley Guide, Volumes 1&2, 2nd Edition

Wild Boar on Leopard’s Kill, Ranthambore

Flamingos of Sewri get a respite

Supreme Court order for the Tiger Tourism Case dated 29th August 2012

A Satyr Tragopan From Neora Valley, North Bengal

Book Review — Pictorial Guide to Frogs and Toads of Western Ghats by Gururaja K.V.

Rare Bird — Spot-breasted Laughing Thrush, Nagaland

Declaration of a Vulture Sanctuary in Karnataka

Dogs at War — Indian Wolf hounded by Feral Dogs

Followup Action on the Hunting Incident Near the Himayat Sagar Reservoir

Expand Reserves, Involve Locals in Tiger Tourism — On Record Dr. Ullas Karanth

Chilika – A Shade Less Pink?

Living with Elephants

Hunting Downstream of Himayat Sagar Reservoir Near Hyderabad

The Official Ramadevarabetta Vulture Sanctuary Notification

Highway traffic, Nagarahole

Police Department Vehicle and A Tigress Nearby

Red Fox and Langur Road Kill on Nainital-Kaladhungi Road

Power outage not due to environment clearance issues – MoEF

Pack of Dhole on Mysore-Manathavady Highway

ZSI Scientists Discover Bird Species from Great Nicobar Island

Tourism Ban in Tiger Reserves – Some Points to Ponder

First Ever Camera Trap Photo of Striped Hyena in Bandipur Tiger Reserve

Dr. Ullas Karanth’s reaction to Supreme Court order

Western Ghats Conclave – Participants Invited

Hog Deer Roadkill

Mugger Entangled in a Fishnet, Ranganthittu

Resort Vehicles and Responsibility

The Dangers of Fishing Near Sanctuaries

Electrocuted Elephant in Sathyamangalam

Limulus Oil Seller in Kolkata

Lesser Floricans and Windmills

Chitals Chewing Plastic and Paper, Bandipur

Leopard With Gaur Calf Kill, Bandipur

A Tiger’s Pain

Nilgiri Marten, Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Birdwatchers Help Nab Waterfowl Poachers in Siruthavur Lake Near Chennai

Private Vehicles – Bane of Wildlife Tourism?

Conservation Problem Press Conference Invite (Sample)

Reporting a Conservation Problem (Sample)

Letter to Government on Conservation Problem (Sample)

Press Release on Conservation Problem (Sample)

Large-scale Waterfowl Slaughter in Puducherry

Crab-eating Mongoose, Lohit District, Arunachal Pradesh

Red Phalarope, a Rare Vagrant for India, Tal Chhapar, Rajasthan, April 2012

The Pakke Hornbill Nest Adoption Program

Two tigers caught in poachers’ traps near Chandrapur; one dead

Wildlife Gains 25 km Corridor in Kudremukh in Unique “Conservation Swap”

Pallikaranai Report to High Court

TRAFFIC Post, March 2012

Sambar Deer with Dustbin Cover, Pench

Rare Buffy Fish Owl Photographed In Sundarbans

Pale Rock Sparrow, A New Bird For India, Recorded In Kutch

Melanistic (Black) Panther, Bhadra Tiger Reserve

Duck Hunting At Karenahalli Kere, Bangalore

Lesser Florican Sighted In Bangalore After A Century!

Karnataka Wildlife Sanctuaries Get Bigger

A Lion-tailed Macaque By The Roadside, Anamalai Hills

Developmental Activities Have ‘Seriously Impacted’ Districts Of Ratnagiri And Sindhudurg, Says Expert Panel

Discovery Of India’s First Ever Tigidia Trapdoor Spiders From Western Ghats

Breeding Centre For White Tigers In Rewa

Chincholi Forest In Karnataka Becomes A Sanctuary

Captive Malabar Giant Squirrel

Western Ghats Expert Panel Terms Entire Area Sensitive

Joint Camera Trapping Between India And Bhutan Reveals 14 Tigers

Bar-headed Geese Flock To Gharana Wetlands Near Indo-Pak Border

Brahmaputra-Salween Landscape Including Namdapha In Trans-border Plan

Tiger Poacher Sentenced To Five Years Imprisonment

Project Tiger Merger With Other Schemes Dropped

Thane Creek In Mumbai To Be Declared A Flamingo Sanctuary

New Species Of Bronzeback Tree Snake Discovered In Western Ghats

Indian Wild Dog (Dhole) in Tea Gardens, Anamalai Hills, Tamil Nadu

Need For Elephant Corridors Throughout The Country

Over 600 Smuggled Star Tortoises Returned To India From Malaysia

Erode District In Tamil Nadu Had 23 Elephant Deaths In 2011

NHAI Violations Come Up In Standing Committee Meeting Of National Board for Wildlife

Rhino Falls To Poacher’s Bullets In Kaziranga

Dhamra Port Commissioned Despite Environmental Concerns

Hand-reared and Reintroduced Panna Tigress T4 Gives Birth to Cubs

Government Admits Possible Excessive Diversion Of Forests For Mining

Eco-friendly Stoves Introduced In Villages Inside Valmiki Tiger Reserve

Illegal Canal Threatens Ranthambore Tiger Corridor

YETI 2011 Concludes in Guwahati

Three Tiger Cubs Die in Uttarakhand in Two Days

Male Rhino Killed in Kaziranga

106 Leopards And 19 Tigers Dead In Uttarakhand This Year

Beyond The Pretty Picture — Giving Back To Nature Through Photography

Kaliveli Wetlands Endangered By Film Shoot

Young Indian Biologist Krithi Karanth Gets National Geographic Grant No. 10,000

National Level Plan Drawn To Protect Endangered Bustard And Floricans

Over Fifty Tigers Dead This Year: WPSI Report

Sanctuary Awards 2011

Lesser Florican and Humans — Conflict or Co-existence?

400 Flamingos Electrocuted in Kutch, Gujarat in 10-days

All Crane Species Under Threat of Extinction Says Waterbird Expert

NHAI Violates Forest Conservation Act With Work On NH7 Near Mansingh-Deo Wildlife Sanctuary

Dr. George Schaller Says Future Of Tigers Dependent On India

Heads of Indian Gazelle (Chinkara) Seized From Army Jawans

Bull Gaur Crossing Road, Nagarahole

Youth for Conservation (YFC) School Outreach Marathon in Tamil Nadu

Snow Leopard Research Centre To Be Setup At Kibber In Spiti

Framing Ecologically Sound Policy on Linear Intrusions Affecting Wildlife Habitats

WCS — India Celebrates 25-years Of Tiger Conservation

Rampant Mining Poses Threat To Tadoba Says Expert Wildlife Panel

Diclofenac Ban Helps Vulture Populations

Central India Loses Four Tigers

Conservationists Win Legal Battle in Bhadra Tiger Reserve

Tiger Road, Tadoba

Wild Dog (Dhole) With a Plastic Bottle, Nagarahole

Kerala National Parks Face Funds Crisis

Assam National Parks Face Funds Crisis

Gangetic River Dolphins Population Grows

YETI 2011, Guwahati, December 13 – 15, 2011

TRAFFIC Post, November 2011

Corbett Records Highest Tiger Deaths on its 75th anniversary

Nagzira — Navegaon Reserve Area in Maharashtra To Be Expanded

Rare Mrs. Hume’s Pheasant Rescued In Manipur And Handed Over To Zoo

Resource Crunch Affecting Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

Conservationists Oppose PIL to Ban Tiger Tourism in India

Union Minister’s Letter Delays Extension Of Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary Notification

Three Elephants Killed By Poachers In Simlipal

Elephant Crossing, Bandipur

Annual Tiger Census to Start in Arunachal Pradesh this Month

Orissa Imposes Seven-month Ban On Fishing Near Turtle Nesting Sites

SC Notification for The Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary in Maharashtra

The Manipuri Brow-antlered Deer (Sangai) Habitat Facing Degradation

Greater Adjutant in Guwahati Garbage Dump, Assam

Leopard Cat Roadkill, Western Arunachal Pradesh

Manas and Kaziranga National Parks at Risk From Dams

Poaching For Crude Medicines Continues To Threaten Nilgiri Langurs

Yellow-eyed Pigeon Resurfaces in Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary for Third Year

An Injured Stump-tailed Macaque Infant, Dzulekie, Nagaland

Villagers Happily Move Out Of Melghat Tiger Landscape

Village Dogs With Chital Kill, Nagarahole

Yearly Tiger Census in Sunderbans

Environment Ministry Seeks Restoration of Night Traffic on Highways Through Bandipur

Sarus Crane Nesting Sites Decline In Uttar Pradesh

Golden Langur Conservation Awareness in Manas

Continued Availability of Banned Diclofenac Threatens Critically Endangered Vultures

Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary First Critical Wildlife Habitat in India

Melghat Tiger Reserve Staging a Turnaround

Live Blackbuck found on sale in Delhi

Ranthambore’s Isolated Tigers Face Threat Of Lack Of Genetic Diversity

Uttarakhand Has High Incidence of Leopard Poaching

Non-official Members of National Board for Wildlife (NBWL) write to Environment Minister on Faulty Clearance Process

Report Indicates Five Sea Turtle Danger Zones Exist in the Waters of India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

Project Tiger May Be Merged With Other Conservation Schemes

An Electrocuted Elephant

Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary Expanded

Confidential Report Obtained Through RTI Reveals Poacher-Official Nexus in Panna

Army To Help Save Hangul or Kashmir Stag

12 New Frog Species Discovered in India

A Clouded Leopard Skin Hangs in a Naga Kitchen

261 Leopards Have Died in 2011

Presence of Scientific and Conservation Researchers Leads To Reduced Poaching

Unrestricted Plantation Activity Destroying Lion-tailed Macaque Habitat in Nelliyampathy

Mangalajodi — A Village Of Bird Protectors In Orissa

Private Tour Operator Vehicles Banned in Karnataka’s Protected Areas

Mega World Bank Project to Conserve and Develop Sundarbans

Sariska National Park Faces Shortage of Officials

Four Elephant Carcasses Found; Lightning Suspected

Cheetahs from Namibia to be Introduced into Palpur-Kuno Sanctuary

Migratory Birds Arrive at Bhitarkanika Wetlands

CEC Report Calls Mining in Chitradurga and Tumkur Illegal and Irresponsible

Lost Amphibians of India (LAI) Initiative Coming to a Close

Report: Tiger Link — August 2011

NCF Recommendation for Elephant Corridors in Valparai Plateau

Proposal to Include Buffer Areas of Manas Under Field Director Control

First Conviction in Karnataka for Tiger Poaching

Study Identifies North East Forests and Western Ghats as Vulnerable to Climate Change

Crucial Breakthrough in Cracking Extensive Wildlife Smuggling Ring

MoU on Wildlife Conservation in Bhutan

Steady Decline in Tiger’s Habitat Goes Against Tiger Estimation Report Conclusions

Environment Ministry Asks Chattisgarh to Propose Tiger Reserve Status for Guru Ghasidas National Park

Supreme Court Suspends Mining in Bellary, Karnataka

India Starts Country Specific Conservation Red List

NTCA Sets up Ten Member Committee to Monitor Land Use Practices in Tiger Reserves

Leopard Enters Siliguri Village; Policemen and Forest Guards Injured

Task Force Report On Gangetic Dolphins

WCS Discovers Healthy Snow Leopard Population In Afghanistan

Manas Revival Possible Because of Role Reversal of Rebels

Relocation of Human Settlements in Wayanad Awaits Government Action

Black Pika Sighted in Arunachal Pradesh at 13,000 feet

Rhinos Adapting Well to Dudhwa National Park

Elephant Tranquilized For Radio-collaring Dies In Coimbatore Forests

NTCA Will Study Adverse Impacts of Adani Power Project Near Nagzira Sanctuary

TRAFFIC Post, July 2011

Three Elephants Electrocuted Near Dudhwa Wildlife Sanctuary

Camera Trap Images of Tigers in Andhra Tiger Reserve Point to Recovery

Final Notification Comes Into Effect in Sigur Elephant Corridor in the Nilgiris

Panna Tiger Death Investigations Point to Laxity

National Centre for Marine Biodiversity Coming up in Gujarat

First Ever Census in Sukhna Sanctuary Reveals Significant Biodiversity

Aghanashini Lion-tailed Macaque Conservation Reserve Notified

Zero Breeding of Western Tragopan in Sarahan Breeding Centre

Forest Department Rescues Leopard from Narmada Canal, Gujarat

Proposal for Ring Road in Gir To Divert Traffic From Lion Habitats

Translocation of Swamp Deer Planned in Manas National Park

Nepal to Start Fingerprinting Tigers

Male Lion Dies in Territorial Fight in Gir National Park

Jairam Ramesh Pushes for More Protection for Tigers in Similipal National Park

Sariska Poacher Finally Convicted, Gets Maximum Imprisonment

Rom Whitaker’s Documentary One Million Snakebites Screened

Two Endangered Bird Species Sighted in Pir Panjal Range, Jammu and Kashmir

Union Environment Ministry Invites Proposal to Declare a Tiger Reserve in Goa

Gujarat Pushes Centre for Assistance Towards Lion Conservation

Huge Haul of Dried Turtles Intercepted in Bangladesh

Male Lion Dies in Territorial Fight in Gir National Park

World Heritage Committee Defers UNESCO World Heritage Tag for Western Ghats

UNESCO Lauds Manas’ Revival, Removes Danger Tag

Three Coal Blocks Opened in Chhattisgarh Against Recommendation of Forest Advisory Committee

Leopard Runover by Truck on Bangalore NICE Road, Feb 2011

Meghalaya Forest Officials Catch BSF Men Felling Trees in Baghmara Reserve Forests, Meghalaya

Increase in Incidents of Illegal Pet Keeping of Wild Birds in Meghalaya

Sanctuary Wildlife Awards 2011 – December 2, 2011

Wild Buffaloes Sighted in Kamalapur Forest Range, Maharashta

Leopards Poached More Aggressively than Tigers

Annual Breeding Season for Estuarine Crocodiles in Orissa

Regular Crop Raider Tusker Radio-collared in Wayanad, Kerala

Kerala Grants Permission to Farmers to Kill Wild Boar

Rhino Poached for Horn in Pobitora, Assam. Teacher arrested.

Hundreds of Flamingos Electrocuted in Bhavnagar, Gujarat

Rescued Elephant Finds ‘Family’ in Manas, Assam

Rare Wayanad Laughing Thrush Spotted After 23 years in Uttara Kannada

Journey of a Leatherback Turtle: Andamans to Indonesia

Gujarat Seeks 3,000 Hectare Land for Bustard Conservation

Climate Change to Have Large-scale Effect on North-east States

NTFP Collection and its Impact on Forests in the BR Hills, Karnataka

Green India Mission

Great Indian Bustard has been uplisted to Critically Endangered, the highest level of threat

Tiger Population Doubles at The Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (KMTR)

Tortoise Poachers Arrested in Uttar Pradesh

RTI Response from Environment Ministry Indicates Nearly 200 Tigers Poached in the Last 12 Years

Immense Environmental Toll of Coal Mining in India

Sustainable Choices in a Connected World

Eco-tourism Guidelines to Benefit Local Communities

Radio-collared Tiger Poisoned in Nepal

Coral Reefs Face Extinction Before the End of the Century

Kin of Man Trampled by Elephants Receive Rs. 2.5 lakhs as Compensation

Climate Change will be Accelerated by Melting Arctic Ice

Molecular Ecology Article Calls Cheetah Reintroduction Project Genetically Flawed

Prominent Environmental Activist Ramesh Agarwal Sent to Jail

Seeking Alliance with People, Government Launches Campaign for Elephants

Study to understand impact of Jaitapur Nuclear Project on Marine Ecology and Biodiversity

Shared Concerns for Elephants Bring Together African and Asian countries at the E-8 Meet

Elephant Electrocuted in Garo Hills, Meghalaya

Elephants Face Severe Threats in Orissa

Ranthambore Canal Work Continues Despite Rejection by the National Board for Wildlife (NBWL)

Zoological Survey of India Revamp Concerns

Unsustained Tourism a Cause for Concern across Tiger Reserves

Blackbuck Roadkill, Amaravati, Maharashtra

Mining in the hills

Wild Dogs (Dhole) spotted in Pungro, Eastern Nagaland

Leopard Crossing, Mysore — Mananthavadi Highway, Nagarahole

Electrocuted Sambar on the banks of the Yamuna

Infamous Poacher Narayan Chand Gets Five Years Imprisonment

Record Release of Olive Ridley Turtle Hatchlings in Chennai Coast

China Premier Warned of Tiger Pledge ‘Mockery’

CEC hearing on July 6 for illegal road widening in Valmiki Tiger Reserve in Bihar

Tiger Wanders 280 kms Through Karnataka Forests in Search of Territory

Leopard stoned to death in Hassan District, Karnataka

MOEF creates new record — 40 clearances in 3 hours!

Camera Traps Reveal Four Tigers in Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Rhino poached in Kaziranga for Horn

Adult Female Rhino Killed in Valmiki Tiger Reserve

Forty-five peacocks die in Gwalior infected by contaminated water

Big Impact to Forests Due to Unbridled Tourism

Pressure on Government to Adopt More Comprehensive Tiger Estimation Methodology

Construction Activity in Ranthambore Despite CEC Ban

MOEF Press Brief — Annual Intensive Tiger Monitoring Will Kickoff in November

Film Shooting Near Aliyar Reservoir near Anamalai Tiger Reserve Draws Criticism

Idamalayar Catchment Area in Kerala Teems with Wild Elephants

Armed Poachers Arrested While Attempting to Enter Kaziranga

BR Hills and Kudremukh to Become Tiger Reserves

Criticism of Jairam Ramesh’s Flip-flopping on Decisions on Environment

Supreme Court Sets up Team to Resurvey Mining Leases in Bellary-Hospet Forests

Jairam Ramesh lifts Stop-work Order on Maheshwar Hydel Project due to Pressure from PMO

Recently Inaugurated Nagpur NTCA Office Found Locked

Jairam Ramesh Responds to Express Article on Moratorium Lift in Cuddalore

Camp Elephant gored by Wild Tusker inside Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Erode farmer finds a crocodile in his farm

Oceans could rise by 1.6M in 90-years

Environment Ministry makes Environmental Compliance Report Mandatory for Large Projects

Camera trap in Sirumugai Reserve Forest near Coimbatore records Tigers

Land acquisition to resume for POSCO Project

POSCO Gets Green Signal from MoEF

Two Elephant Reserves Being Set-up in Tripura

A ‘Real’ Great Hornbill Mount, Nagaland

Harmful practices being followed under the CAMPA banner

Using RTI for Wildlife Conservation

Key Constitutional Provisions for Protection of Wildlife

Battle Looms Over Land For Sigur Elephant Corridor in the Nilgiris

Tiger Sightings in Central Indian Forest Corridors

25 Ecologically Sensitive Areas Identified in Kerala

Illegal laterite mining threatens Sagar forests

Current Science research paper points to Lion-tailed macaque habitat loss

Conservation Letters Study Identifies Wildlife Tourism Challenges

Assamese conservationist Firoz Ahmed wins prestigious award

Speedpost Parcel Containing Ivory caught in Guwahati

Flamingo Festival at the Sewri-Mahul mudflats in Mumbai

Aziz Committee report on Kolleru Wildlife Sanctuary due soon

Sundarbans mangroves carbon absorption rated at 4 crore tonnes

Environment Ministry Guidelines advise against capture and relocation of leopards

Mass hatching of Olive Ridley turtles starts in Orissa Coast

Six arrested near Rajapalayam for hunting Spotted Deer

Workshop: Conservation of Endangered Black-necked Cranes

Illegal Windmills Operating in Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra

MoEF indicts politicians and senior officers in Haryana Forest Scam

Minimum Support Price for Bamboo and Tendu Leaves

Gross irregularities by filming company in Kamabalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh

Sathyamangalam Forests offer Safe Haven for Threatened Vultures

Congo Summit to Produce Formal Forest and Climate Agreement

Jairam Ramesh says ‘No’ to Ken-Betwa river link project

Karnataka Forest Department seeking Tiger Reserve Status for Kudremukh National Park

Interview with Elephant Task Force head, Mahesh Rangarajan

TRAFFIC Post, March 2011

Assam forest department orders Army to dismantle Sonai Rupai firing range

Hand reared Tigress released into Panna Wildlife Reserve as part of experiment Mar 29, 2011

Guidelines for Human-Leopard conflict management

Agriculture land close to BRT Tiger Reserve handed over for Industrial Purposes

Sixteen dolphins found washed ashore dead in Puducherry (Pondicherry)

Great Indian Bustard

White-winged (Wood) Duck

Around 40 White-rumped Vultures sighted in Panidihing Sanctuary in Assam

Bamboo declared a Minor Forest Produce

Sikkim Ecology Threatened by Hydroelectric Projects

Irate villagers burn alive captured leopard near Corbett Tiger Reserve

Book Review — Billy Arjan Singh, The Tiger of Dudhwa offers Pictorial Tribute

Maharashtra proposing to promote Tiger Tourism

Habitual wildlife offender from Bawaria community sentenced to five years imprisonment for trade in Tiger Parts

Madras HC Gives Go Ahead To Tamil Nadu Government To Notify Elephant Corridor

Intervention on NH7 Four laning along Pench not granted relief by Supreme Court

Coastal Mangroves the Most Carbon Rich Forests on Earth

Cheetah reintroduction faces delays

Panther caught in snare freed in Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Resort activity threatens Bandipur’s North Eastern boundaries

Forest Officer Beaten to Death in Andhra Pradesh by Sandalwood Smugglers

National Geographic Newswatch: Dr. Ullas Karanth shares his views on India’s latest Tiger Census

Protests against mini hydel projects in Bisle forests in Karnataka

Major Construction in the Heart of Ranthambore

Leopard skin, skulls and other animal parts seized at military checkpost in Chandel, Manipur

Fire in Pallikaranai Marsh in Chennai destroys nesting birds and site

Signs of Gharial revival in Hooghly; Breeding group identified at Purbasthali

Supreme Court Panel directs State Government to stop construction activity in Ranthambore

Environment Ministry seeks draft policy on Minimizing Impact of Linear Instrusions on Wildlife and Habitats

Masinagudi’s Developmental Aspirations Puts Pressure On Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

Sathyamangalam likely to get Tiger Reserve Status

Mongabay’s Interview with Krithi Karanth, Wildlife Scientist

Jairam Ramesh announces plans to setup Western Ghats Ecology Authority

Elusive Bharatpur Tiger Tranquilised; Relocated to Sariska

Tribute — Fateh Singh Rathore, India’s ‘Tiger Man’ Dies

Conservation projects launched for Olive Ridley Turtles and Black Bucks in Ganjam District, Orissa

Private airlines used for smuggling of animal parts

Dead Dolphin Washes Ashore the Marina Beach in Chennai

Lost Amphibians of India (LAI) initiative rediscovers five species of frogs

Arrest of six wildlife poachers operating in Corbett and Rajaji National Parks

Nine arrested near Coimbatore for possession of skins of a Tiger and five Leopards

OPG Power’s plans for huge thermal plant on the Gujarat coast under scrutiny by MoEF

Fresh water turtle survey by the Zoological Survey of India to support conservation efforts

Madhya Pradesh plans Great Indian Bustard conservation along the lines of Desert National Park

Tiger killed in territorial fight in Corbett National Park

India launches major new study for valuation of its natural capital and ecosystem services

Athirappilly Hydroelectric Project in Kerala Threatens Great Hornbills

Enhanced protection for Tigers leaves Leopards vulnerable to Poaching

Jairam Wants Karnataka Chief Minister To Declare Kudremukh Park A Tiger Reserve

Man held near Ranthambore while trying to sell panther skin

Leopard Runover by Truck on Bangalore NICE Road

Protected Area Update — February 2011

Bird Haven Threatened by Builders in Dadri, Noida

The Elusive Malabar Civet

Hunters are Invited — a Hunting Tribe in Pakke can be a Partner in Conservation

Cabinet approves decentralization and strengthening of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA)

Pesticide ban call for around India’s Kaziranga park

Jerdon’s Courser Species Recovery Plan Announced

Guidance Document for Non-forestry Activities in Wildlife Habitats

Dead Great Barbets For Sale In Nagaland

MOEF Guidelines for Eco-Sensitive Zones (ESZs) around Protected Areas

Mansingh-Deo declared a Wildlife Sanctuary

Gir Sanctuary Roads to be Closed During Nights

Leader of a tiger poaching gang arrested near Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve

The International Tiger Conservation Forum aims to double numbers

Resettlement project approved for trapped farming communities in Wayanad

Translocated tiger found dead in Sariska

Leopard Poachers Convicted to Six Years Imprisonment

No Two-bit Crime This

Centre team aghast at Palamau Tiger Reserve neglect

Black Magic Behind Illegal Owl Trade in India

40 new mining leases granted near Sariska

Kaziranga National Park to be extended

The male tiger that intruded into the Keoladeo National Park no hurry to leave

International Efforts Save Dugongs, The World’s Last Remaining Mermaids

Camera trapping reveals wildlife rarely seen in Pilibhit

Growing Elephant Deaths in Orissa Raise Alarm

Three leopard skins seized in Himachal Pradesh

Seizure of 920 kg of antlers in Saharanpur near Dehra Dun, North India

Railways and West Bengal govt. to declare Railway stretch as ‘elephant corridor’

Leonardo DiCaprio to help save India’s tigers

Seven elephants die after speeding train hits herd

Leopard skins and Himalayan Black Bear gall bladder seized in Uttarakhand

Lost tiger population discovered in Bhutan

Indian Gazelle (Chinkara) Facing Threat From Stray Dogs In Jodhpur

First record of the “Bella” Ratsnake for India from Fakim WLS, Nagaland

Another elephant electrocuted in Orissa

First record of the Jerdon’s Red Spotted Pit Viper for India from Eaglenest

130 Leopards Poached in India this year (as of Sept 2010)

Using Multiple Sources of Information to Estimate Tiger Densities

Land for steel plants endangers Daroji bear sanctuary

Biligiri Rangana Temple Wildlife Sanctuary (BRT) forest staff expose ungulate poachers’ racket

Crime Investigation Department (CID) to probe Valmiki big cat death

Centre rejects Vedanta’s Niyamgiri mining proposal

Notorious Wildlife Trader Sansar Chand Convicted today by a Delhi Court

23 kg of Peacock Feathers Seized at Chennai Airport

1,000 pangolins hunted in 2 months

Status of the Asiatic Elephant (Elephas maximus) in India

The Rare Ibisbill and a Coca Cola bottle, Leh, Ladakh

Hospital threatens Guindy National Park in Chennai

World’s largest tiger reserve designated in Myanmar

No signal from translocated tiger in Sariska

Organized International Pangolin Wildlife Trade Busted

Tiger skin seized, three arrested in Nepal; Nepal to sign MOU with India

Notorious Tiger Poacher Dariya convicted

Tiger skin recovered from Pardhi settlement (Maharashtra)

Tiger Tourism!

RTI activist Amit Jethwa shot dead in Gujarat

Tiger skin seized in Kolhapur, and Tiger dead in Anamalai TR, Tamil Nadu

OIL-well Spill and Fire Explosion in Baghjan, Assam, Threatens Life and Biodiversity

Team formed to look into Simlipal elephant massacre

Tiger Crossing, Tadoba

Primary Forest Loss in Eastern Nagaland

Twelve Tiger poachers convicted

Three Rare Laughing Thrushes Recorded in Eastern Nagaland, May 2010

Few see that India’s future depends on its ecological sustainability

Panna tigress spotted with 3 cubs

Truth about tigers

Wild gaur falls into well, dies

Amitabh Bachchan to promote ‘Save our Tigers’ initiative

Whither Forest Departments?

Sansar Chand discharged in Tiger bone Case

Similipal Tiger Reserve faces poaching threat

Kaziranga short-staffed to protect rhinos

Camera Trapping In Assam Rainforest Reveal World’s Largest Cat Species Diversity

Locals poison two tiger cubs in Ranthambore

Amur Falcon Hunting near Umrangso, Dima Hasao District, North Cachar Hills, Assam

Mizoram to conduct tiger census

Sundarbans tiger census next month, says Director

Nagaland — Killing fields

Leopard Cat Roadkill, Arunachal Pradesh

Great Hornbills Roosting, Anamalais

Nationwide tiger census in January 2010

Prices of big cat parts in China doubles

Elephant Crossing, Nagarahole

Tiger poacher convicted to 3 years rigorous imprisonment

Gujarat’s pride in way of Asiatic lion translocation

Sinister start to new year for big cats

China Fails to Stop Tiger Trade