400 Flamingos Electrocuted in Kutch, Gujarat in 10-days

Birds Flying Near High Tension Lines at Khadir
Arpit Deomurari
Transmission Lines are not visible at night leading to the electrocutions.

At least 400 Greater Flamingos have died due to electrocution by high tension cables near their breeding grounds in Gujarat. The flamingos breed in the warm marshes of the Khadir region in Kutch. The chief conservator of forests has admitted to atleast 130 deaths, but locals and ornithologists have recorded much higher number of deaths. Deaths are said to be taking place at nights, when the birds would fly into the near invisible wires after being disturbed by passing vehicles or birds of prey.

This is the second instance of mass electrocution in Gujarat this year. Seven sites have been mapped by ornithologists Anika Tere and B M Parasharya where high tension cables run close to flamingo sites. The forest department has asked for the cables to be either insulated with rubber coating or to be put underground in places where they run close to flamingo breeding grounds.

Coverage about the electrocution in the Gujarati local Divyabhaskar with images of the electrocuted birds.

TOI Update on Dec 16: Ways to mitigate flamingo deaths seem to be working

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