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Q: I am a law student and want to purchase a legal commentary on the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. Unfortunately I am not able to find it anywhere. Law book store owners state that there no such detailed commentaries available. Can you help? 

Q: I am Nikhilesh, currently trying to research on Nagar Vana Udyan Yojana (NVUY) launched by Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change. I will be obliged if you could share your personal views points on this subject for effective afforestation. I have attached a brief on the details. Few of my questions – 1) Do you evaluate NVUY as an effective initiative from the ministry for afforestation? 2) As the responsibility of maintaining the NVUY lies with municipal authority, do you see they taking interest in developing and sustaining the NVUY? 3) As the NVUYwill be made over forest land, should the government allow private players to participate for development and sustaining NVUY? 4) There are plans of 200 NVUY the current status is 45 proposals are approved by CAMPA (Compensatory Afforestation Management and Planning Authority). Look forward to your views.

Q: Is there any law that prohibits feeding of stray dogs in places with endangered species? What happens when stray dogs hunt endangered species? Is there a provision in the law in such cases to relocate these dogs (the law says that neutered and spayed dogs cannot be relocated)?

Q: On the whole I am struggling to see how the Western Ghats Ecologically Sensitive Area notification would protect the WG in any significant manner. It seems to only limit the avenues by which the resources of the WG can be exploited. But the combination of existing “Red” industries, new hydro projects, new “Orange” and “Green” industries, new townships below 50 ha in area, potentially new highways, etc. are adequate to degrade these ESA I guess? Not a comforting thought. If CI has any information on the above concerns, please do share.

Q: There are some private properties notified as national park along with forest land as per WLPA,1972. it is observed that private  owners are  still cultivating their lands inside NP area and extending by fresh clearance for agriculture purpose. may i would like to know whether such acts falls under the purview of wildlife offence as same land is private property??  what kind of action park authority can initiate against  culprit?? is it a serious offence?? how to tackle such cases.

Q: Has Yettinahole river project in Karnataka approved by Environment department of both state and union government? Will wildlife will be affected by this ? Is Yettinahole located in an elephant corridor?

Q: Referring to the information provided by Conservation India regarding the NGT. As mentioned, NGT has no jurisdiction over matters pertaining to the Wildlife Act. Also it is clearly stated that for issues over National Parks/Sanctuaries NGT order cannot be availed. But recently in Mumbai, NGO- Vanashakti had approached NGT for some construction within 10 km range of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. NGT in return had even issued orders for the same. So has there been any change in the jurisdiction rights of NGT? If no,then why this discrepancy?

Q: Looks like the battle to free mining completely from Kudremukh Tiger Reserve is not over yet. During my recent visit I could hear Blasting every now and then, no idea if it was open pit or underground. After few inquires found out that Mining rights have been given to a private company from Kerala for a certain period. It’s proximity to the PA is definitely questionable. What happened to the so called ESZ Guidelines, why is it not followed there?

Q: How can i give my services to our Nature as a volunteer? I want to join someone/somewhere so i can also get busy in conservation of Nature and Heritage.

Q: Is Canine Distemper the only major threat to the Indian wild dog?

Q: My question is on the Indian wild dog: is there any research going on regarding behaviour study and selection of prey base?

Q: Can I any how conserve the house sparrow?

Q: What is the difference between a Tiger Reserve and a National Park/Wildlife Sanctuary? What is the structure of a Tiger Reserve, as in, does it have a zonation approach?

Q: I saw some non-native birds being sold in Chennai markets. What is their legal status in India? Can they be treated by any law in India to stop their sale?

Q: Can we raise a campaign regarding the downfall of Keoladeo National Park and the grave danger of loosing its tag as World Heritage Site. We all love the sanctuary which has been one of the largest refuge of birds and mammals in India.

Q: Do conservation practices always take a turn to law? I mean do I necessary engage myself into nitty-grittys of law if I have to become a conservationist?

Q: Why should we preserve tigers?

Q: To what altitudes can the tigers move about. If given the fact they are usually located in the North Bengal plains how much possibility is there for them to move up. Tigers in Bhutan have seen to do so. The Elephant herds that migrate from Nepal to Assam are seen to be roaming the Hill forests during summer, i think the Gulma forests. Is it possible that tigers might extend their ranges and move into the forests in the hills?

Q: How many tiger reserves are there in India?

Q: With the upcoming infrastructure projects on the Narcondam island , can nothing be done to prevent damage to population of the Narcondam hornbills?