Q: Do conservation practices always take a turn to law? I mean do I necessary engage myself into nitty-grittys of law if I have to become a conservationist?

Asked by Gargi

Answer from Shekar Dattatri, Conservation India:

Thanks for your question to CI.

A good working knowledge of wildlife and forest conservation laws is a huge asset for any conservationist. This is not as difficult as it sounds, as both the Wildlife (Protection) Act and the Forest Conservation Act are not too voluminous and can be understood by anyone with some aptitude and interest. However, you need not have a prior knowledge of the nitty-gritties of these laws to engage with conservation issues. But once engaged with a particular conservation issue that you are trying to resolve, reading relevant portions of the above two laws, as well as other laws such as the Environment Protection Act and Biodiversity Act, will help you get clarity on how to tackle the issue.

Please see this article on CI: Legal Framework for Wildlife Conservation in India

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