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Q: What protection do lakes enjoy in urban / rural landscapes? Under what jurisdiction do they come? Are they protected? How does one report violations about lakes — both protection to the waterfowl as well as the lake itself?

Q: How can I stop a tourism-centric hotel project being planned in the heart of a wildlife sanctuary by a State Tourism Department together with the Forest department? The project is in its early planning stage.

Q: I have been an avid wildlifer since I was kid. I am a engineer and work in a regular 9 to 5 job. But sometimes I feel like doing something for wildlife conservation in India. Even though it is not possible for me to leave my job, how can I still contribute towards wildlife conservation?

Q: The Tamil TV media shows Man- wildlife conflict regularly and shows the damage caused to property and produce in stark visuals. This creates a negative mind set in viewers about wildlife. How can this be altered /corrected?

Q: What is the impact of poaching on wildlife populations?

Q: I often see forest fires in wildlife sanctuaries and National parks during the dry season. How damaging are these?

Q: Does India need stronger laws to protect forests and wildlife?

Q: Does a Tiger Reserve enjoy a higher protection status than a National Park?

Q: What is the difference between a National Park and a Sanctuary?