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Q: In South Chennai, Pallikarnai Marsh is a beautiful wetland which has been home to over 100 species of birds resident & migratory, many small mammals, amphibians & fish species. Sadly the state government is not doing enough to protect this marsh which is now becomeing a wasteland dumping of the city’s garbage. Everyday this space is shrinking by all the buildings coming around. Whom do we need to approach to stop all this and can any PIL be filed against the State Government by an individual for the state’s negligence in protecting its wetland & the species.

Q: What protection do lakes enjoy in urban / rural landscapes? Under what jurisdiction do they come? Are they protected? How does one report violations about lakes — both protection to the waterfowl as well as the lake itself?

Q: How can I stop a tourism-centric hotel project being planned in the heart of a wildlife sanctuary by a State Tourism Department together with the Forest department? The project is in its early planning stage.

Q: I have been an avid wildlifer since I was kid. I am a engineer and work in a regular 9 to 5 job. But sometimes I feel like doing something for wildlife conservation in India. Even though it is not possible for me to leave my job, how can I still contribute towards wildlife conservation?

Q: The Tamil TV media shows Man- wildlife conflict regularly and shows the damage caused to property and produce in stark visuals. This creates a negative mind set in viewers about wildlife. How can this be altered /corrected?

Q: What is the impact of poaching on wildlife populations?

Q: I often see forest fires in wildlife sanctuaries and National parks during the dry season. How damaging are these?

Q: Does India need stronger laws to protect forests and wildlife?

Q: Does a Tiger Reserve enjoy a higher protection status than a National Park?

Q: What is the difference between a National Park and a Sanctuary?