TRAFFIC Post, March 2012

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Scorpions – stung by wildlife trade
Abrar Ahmed - TRAFFIC India
The unrestricted scorpion trade in India could be posing a serious conservation risk to the species in the wild.

Greetings from TRAFFIC India. We are happy to share with you the 14th issue of our newsletter on wildlife trade issues entitled TRAFFIC Post.

The key highlights of this issue are:

  1. Scorpions–stung by wildlife trade- INFOCUS
  2. Indian Rhinoceroses face poaching threat – WILD CRY
    1. India and China share expertise on use of sniffer dogs for curbing wildlife crime; TRAFFIC India’s sniffer dog programme leading to early successes
    2. TRAFFIC accelerates efforts to curb illegal parrot trade in India
    3. Japanese delegation visits India to exchange knowledge about responsible and sustainable trade in medicinal plants
  4. Rhinoceros poaching deaths continue to increase in South Africa- OUTPOST
  5. International zoo community steps in to help efforts against illegal wildlife trade- CITES UPDATE
  6. Police seize 30 kg of seahorses in Tamil Nadu; Four Sloth Bears killed in Kanha’s reserve forests in Madhya Pradesh; Traders arrested with 4000 turtles in Uttar Pradesh- TRAFFIC ALERT

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Dilpreet B. Chhabra


TRAFFIC Post is TRAFFIC India’s quarterly newsletter on issues related to wildlife trade.

TRAFFIC is an international network, consisting of TRAFFIC International, based in Cambridge, UK with offices on five continents, seven regional programmes in 25 countries and territories, with ongoing research and activities in several others. TRAFFIC came to India in 1991, operating as a division of WWF-India. It has since worked closely with the National and the State Governments and various agencies to help study monitor and influence action to curb illegal wildlife trade.

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