Mongabay’s Interview with Krithi Karanth, Wildlife Scientist

Dr. Krithi Karanth
Ramki Sreenivasan

Dr. Karanth is interested in human-wildlife interactions and has conducted research on conservation-sustainability issues in India since 2001.

Mongabay has published an interview with Dr. Krithi Karanth. She talks about her new study which looks at the likelihood of extinction for 25 of India’s mammals. The study finds that seven species are at risk of extinction. This list includes the Bengal Tiger, Wild Dogs, the Asiatic Lion and Asiatic Elephants. The study recommends that increasing protection in existing areas and innovative conservation programmes for areas surrounding the parks are key to saving India’s wildlife.

Read full interview on the Mongabay website.

Krithi Karanth, a Research Associate of the Centre for Wildlife Studies, is currently a post-doctoral scientist with Dr. Ruth DeFries at Columbia University, New York. She has a Ph. D in Environmental Science and Policy from Duke University (2008), a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from Yale (2003), and, B.S (Environmental Science) and B.A (Geography) degrees from the University of Florida (2001).

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