Dogs at War — Indian Wolf hounded by Feral Dogs

Sushil Chikane

Sushil Chikane

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Conflict with humans for livestock depredation, exaggerated public fear regarding their danger, and fragmented habitats that are too small for populations with long-term viability are now threatening the Indian Wolf's survival.

The Indian Wolf (Canis lupus pallippes) though declared as an endangered species, and listed under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972, remains an ignored species in India. Indian wolves, like most canids in India, are found in dry, degraded habitats which fail to get enough attention and protection compared to the green tracts of the country. These creatures are often found around human habitation in rural areas. Blamed for killing poultry, goats and sheep, adult wolves and pups are often killed by sheep and goat herders. Living in close proximity with humans brings them in contact with stray dogs.

Leaner in size and numbers, wolves are often chased and killed by packs of feral dogs, as seen in the picture. We spotted two wolves near Phaltan, Satara District, Maharashtra, on the evening of 28th June, 2012. Both the wolves were spotted and chased by feral dogs when they came near human habitation.

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