Sambar Deer with Dustbin Cover, Pench

Arun Kanth

A dustbin cover stuck in the neck of a Sambhar Deer (Rusa unicolor) in Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh. On 12th March 2012, I spotted this deer early morning at 6am, and it was desperately trying to get this cover out of its neck. Unfortunately, we could not help. A guide from the forest department accompanied us who promised to inform his higher authorities so I just took a picture and we moved on. I dont know whether any steps were taken as I left Pench the same day. The use of plastics in the jungle should be banned and strictly enforced.

Not sure if the news reached the forest authorities. Wildlife tourists and photographers should make it a point to report such events to the RFO at the local range office. Photographic evidence goes a long way in supporting these complaints. Read a helpful CI article on how to be a responsible wildlife tourist.

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