Feral Dogs and Wild Canids in Bidar

Rana & Sugandhi Belur

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The presence and impact of domestic and feral dogs in natural habitats needs urgent study and a clear-headed plan for mitigation. This would be a great project for a young biologist. Any takers?

The grasslands of Bidar are home to several species of wildlife. The star attractions are Blackbuck and Indian Fox, among others. There has been a rapid development of the city and industries around the grassland. There are several small settlements that have come up, bringing with them domestic fowl and stray/feral dogs.

During one of our trips to Bidar, we saw a fox on an evening visit to the grassland. We also saw dogs chasing blackbuck. The next morning, we found a dead fox, with several bite marks. It looked like the dogs had attacked the fox. Over the last year, the number of dogs has increased significantly in this area. The number of blackbuck also appears to have reduced. We have also seen young boys from the city driving on two wheelers and chasing blackbuck for fun.


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Rana & Sugandhi Belur

Rana and Sugandhi are Bangalore-based nature and wildlife lovers.


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