Bhadra River Recovering after Stoppage of Mining in Kudremukh

Praveen Bhargav | Wildlife First
Side-by-side comparisons of the same stretch of the Bhadra river before and after stoppage of mining

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Nature is resilient - to an extent. Views of the River Bhadra near its point of origin in Kudremukh National Park, Karnataka, before and after stoppage of opencast iron ore mining operations, show how rivers can revive given a chance.

The picture of the Bhadra River on the left loaded with silt after a heavy rainstorm was taken on 30th September 2002, during an inspection by the Central Empowered Committee (CEC) as ordered by the Supreme Court. The photo on the right, showing the clear waters of the Bhadra River was taken on 18th October 2010, again after a heavy rainstorm, from the same location, five years after mining was stopped by the Apex Court based on a petition filed by Wildlife First. The photographs speak for themselves. With no fresh ground being broken for mining the waters of the river are crystal clear once again. You can read more about the campaign that saved Kudremukh here.

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Praveen Bhargav is managing trustee of Wildlife First and was a member of the National Board for Wildlife (2007-10).


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