Jackal in Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary

Anjali Anantharam

Anjali Anantharam
A jackal crossing the road in Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary

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This picture and writeup is a good example of what a conservation-friendly tourist and nature lover must do. We all have our favorite wildlife destinations that we head to often. Thus we have the advantage of observing changes over time - some positive and some negative. Documenting these trends through pictures and words, and proactively sharing that information, is what turns a nature lover into a true conservation watchdog. Thank you Anjali, for the report of positive changes in Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary.

On Oct 13, 2012, in the evening, we saw this jackal feeding on termites by the road side in Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary. The jackal did not seem to be bothered by our presence, though vehicles passing by would scare him. He would hide and come back out to feed when it was safe.

We visit Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary regularly for our volunteer work. Over time, we have observed some positive changes due to the good work by the DFO, Mr.Vasanth Reddy. Useful information boards have been posted all along the sanctuary roads. Tourists have been monitored and poor behavior, including alcohol, has been controlled. As a result of this, garbage seems to have considerably reduced in the sanctuary. Cattle grazing also seems to be under control and many doddis have been removed. The scene today is in contrast to what we used to see in the past on weekends – huge gathering of vehicles and people, and garbage all over. Sightings of wildlife also seems to be increasing. In a single evening drive from Satanur, Basavanbetta Forest towards Muthati, we recorded 5 separate chital sightings, as well as sightings of a wild boar with piglets, a tusker, jackal, mongoose, and many birds.

Many thanks to the excellent team of foresters and range officers. Credit goes to them for the revival of Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary.

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