Plastic menace at Bandipur National Park

Dayanand Urs

Chosen as 'Picture of the Week'

All our protected areas need a clear cut action plan to deal with the plastic menace, which is really harmful to wildlife. This is one issue where local conservation groups and Forest Department can easily cooperate.

On 9th Nov 2013, on our way to Ooty through Bandipur National Park, we witnessed this scene of a chital with its face inside a plastic bag. A couple of months before, we had seen forest staff of Bandipur National Park clearing plastic from the same road. On the whole, they have been doing a commendable job. But tourists need to be educated about littering and there should be regular patrolling on the main road to penalise offenders. It is not just the plastic, but also people stopping on the road inside the national Park wanting to take pictures with wildlife in the background.

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