Gujarat Pushes Centre for Assistance Towards Lion Conservation

An Asiatic Lion in Gir
Yogendra Shah
The projects submitted by Gujarat to the centre for lion conservation exceeds Rs. 800 crore.

The Gujarat government has asked for central assistance in implementing two projects towards Lion Conservation in Gir — Asiatic lions’ only abode. The state government has submitted a proposal for “The long term conservation of lions on Brhuhad Gir” with an estimated cost of Rs 262.36 crores. This proposal includes strengthening protection, habitat development, wild life health care, minimizing man animal conflicts, eco development work, use of modern technology, public awareness and eco tourism. A second proposal is to build a ring road around the sanctuary, totaling 269 km in length. Currently six state highways and a number of local roads cut through the sanctuary and affect movement of animals and cause a number of other effects. This project is estimated to cost Rs. 600 crore. The two projects total Rs.836.17 crore.

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