Panna Tiger Death Investigations Point to Laxity

The government’s investigation into tiger deaths in Panna point to general laxity. Though the forest department has handed over the details of over a dozen cases to the home department asking for a CBI probe, only three have been considered worthy of an investigation. One of the cases has a trail that leads to the relatives of a BJP MLA. A jeep with armed passengers trying to enter Panna had been intercepted by the forest department in 2007. The jeep was later released to a Babbu Singh, who is a close relative of the BJP MLA from Bundelkhand. Though a primary offence report (POR) was filed, there has been no action for several years. In the second case, relating to recovery of jaw traps and tiger bones of a tiger killed between 2004 and 2005, a POR has been filed only this year. The third case, also relating to a tiger killed between 2004 and 2005, has not had a POR filed at all. There is also seems to be clear cases where poaching has been passed off as revenge killings.

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