Army To Help Save Hangul or Kashmir Stag

A Kashmir Stag in Dachigam
Karun Verma
The Kashmir Stag is a critically endangered species as per the IUCN Red List

The Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (JKLI) will be collaborating with the Jammu and Kashmir Forest Department to help save the Kashmiri Stag (also know as Red deer or Hangul) in the Dachigam National Park. The stag is known for its reddish coat and two antlers. The state’s conservation program has seen the population increase from 172 in 2010 to 218 this year. The JKLI will work with the forest department to work out the modalities. The JKLI will also adopt the Hangul as its mascot.

The Hangul (Cervus Elaphus Hanglu), is the state animal of Jammu and Kashmir. Found mostly in the forest ridges of the Dachigam National Park and wildlife sanctuary and surrounding forest areas in Kashmir, the majestic animal is known for its reddish coat and antlers. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) had put the Hangul in its Red List, as critically endangered in 1996. Hangul is also found in the list of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) of wild Flora and Fauna.

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