Rhino Falls To Poacher’s Bullets In Kaziranga

A Rhino in Kaziranga
Ramki Sreenivasan
Poachers make easy targets of rhinos straying out of Kaziranga

Poachers have shot and killed a rhino that strayed out of Kaziranga. Gunshots were heard by forest officials in the wee hours and an operation was launched. The carcass of the rhino was found at 915 AM with its horn missing. The poachers were encountered by the forest guards, but they managed to escape after shooting at the guards. Atleast 20 rounds were exchanged between the forest guards and the poachers. Forest officials say that security has been beefed up in Kaziranga and Orang national parks after reports of poachers from Nagaland trying to kill Rhinos. Attempts to kill rhinos increase before Christmas, as poachers try to make easy money before the festival. Forest officials say that it is very hard to provide security to rhinos that stray out of the park. Poachers often make easy targets of such straying rhinos.

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