Report Indicates Five Sea Turtle Danger Zones Exist in the Waters of India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

Dead turtles in fishing nets off the Orissa coast
Bivash Pandav
The most significant threat for all threatened turtle populations are fisheries bycatch

A study by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has identified 11 most endangered turtle species and has said that the five of the danger zones are in the exclusive economic zones of India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Poaching and killing of wildlife is rampant on Indian shores. The Olive Ridley and the Hawksbill turtles nest on Indian shores and they face their most danger from becoming bycatches in fisheries as well as direct harvest of turtles and their eggs for food or shell material.

The report stated that conservation operations for high profile animals like tigers have had some success, preservation of India’s marine life along its coasts has not been given due attention.

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