Flamingo Festival at the Sewri-Mahul mudflats in Mumbai

Flamingoes at Sewri-Mahul mudflats
Krishnan V
The BNHS has been organising the flamingo festival every year since 2007.

The Bombay Natural History Society organized Flamingo Festival attracted a lot of visitors including children. The annual festival, organized since 2007, highlights the thousands of Flamingos that visit the Sewri-Mahul mudflats. However, the mudflats are at risk as they are the proposed starting point for the Sewri-Nhava trans harbour link. BNHS director, Asad Rahmani, believes there is a way to develop the Sewri-Nhava trans harbour link can be developed around the mudflats thus also making the link a world class tourist attraction centered around the Flamingoes.

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