New species of gecko from Northern Western Ghats

Zeeshan Mirza

Zeeshan Mirza

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The fragile Kaas plateau is well known for its floral diversity. Recent faunal surveys have resulted in discoveries of a new species of trapdoor spider, a gecko and a caecilian. Elevation of Kaas plateau and surrounding reserved forests to the status of a wildlife sanctuary would help preserve this unique ecosystem and the biodiversity that it harbours.

A new species of the gekkonid genus Cnemaspis has been described from the lateritic plateau of the northern Western Ghats of Maharashtra, western India. The discovery of Cnemaspis girii from the Kaas plateau in Satara district, Maharashtra, highlights the diversity of herpetofauna of this region and adds to the growing knowledge of the diversity of the Western Ghats. The lateritic plateaus of the northern Western Ghats support endemic herpetofauna and are in need of protection owing to their narrow distribution not to mention the fascinating flora of the region.

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