Chital antlers entangled in fishing net, Nagarahole

Vishwanath M K

Vishwanath M K

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Fishing nets pose a big problem for river species such as waders, crocodiles, dolphins, turtles and otters. Sadly, sometimes even land animals like this chital get entangled, and disentangling is nearly impossible.

This was photographed on the Kabini Backwaters in the Nagarahole tiger reserve on 18th June, 2014. This chital was running desperately trying to get rid of a fishing net entangled in its antlers. I hope this image highlights the threat of carelessly discarded nets to wildlife.

Nets pose a significant threat to wildlife often leading to fatalities. See more images of this threat on Conservation India.

Is there any way the forest department can periodically clean such nets and plastic from the Kabini river and backwaters? Or educate villagers living at the periphery of the park about the dangers of discarding nets?

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