Seizure of 920 kg of antlers in Saharanpur near Dehra Dun, North India

A Barking Deer showing its antlers
Ramki Sreenivasan
The trade in deer antlers continues inspite of the May 1998 ban.
There was a huge seizure of deer antlers this morning in the town of Saharanpur in the State of Uttar Pradesh, north of the capital New Delhi. 

A staggering 920 kg of antlers were seized by the officers of Behat Police Station. Included in the haul were sambar, cheetal and barking deer antlers. Three people have been detained in this known collection centre for antlers. Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) is assisting the police with the investigation.

Since May 1998 there has been a ban on the collection of shed antlers. In spite of the ban, the trade in antlers continues.

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