Nagaland — Killing fields

Ramki Sreenivasan

Dead thrushes, flycatchers, leafbirds & bulbuls — all contents of a hunters bag from one morning session. Photographed in Nagaland’s only National Park — Intanki.

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    1. tuberats93

      Nature had bestowed the whole world with many treasures which we should not have taken for granted. But what I have learnt is regretting doesn’t help make a difference.
      Many of my classmates in college, kill small birds, mammals and reptiles in their home towns(Tamil Nadu, near Chennai)frequently, just for the entertainment, for a snack before dinner or some do it to make a quick buck.
      It is hard to convince people who haven’t been exposed to the knowledge and awareness we have, but it is definitely possible. I think it is very similar to trying to tell people to use public transport/walk/cylce to save petrol or even telling people to dispose waste properly. We just need to use the right ways to communicate and stop people from being careless about the resources nature has given us.

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