Resort Vehicles and Responsibility

I witnessed this at Kabini in Nagarahole Tiger Reserve, where a canter van belonging to Jungle Lodges and Resorts was stopped extremely close to a wild tusker. When we approached the scene, the van was parked on the safari track with the tusker close to it on the left. The tusker then moved slightly towards the van (may be a metre or so) and then stopped, but the van remained in its position. Only when there were signs of a charge did the van move away. I would say that for atleast 45 seconds, the van was parked on the track with the tusker beside it. After the van left the tusker moved to one side and started walking back towards our jeep, when we decided to leave. I hope the van was not intentionally parked close to the tusker, as it would be provocative and dangerous to do so. Resort vehicles need to set the right example and not be careless when it comes to safety precautions and jungle etiquette.

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