Electric Lines Through Protected Areas

Prabhanjan Behera

Prabhanjan Behera

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Linear intrusions such as electric lines and roads that run through our forests not only cause severe habitat fragmentation, they also pose serious dangers such as electrocution or fatal collisions with vehicles.

During a recent trip to Nagarahole Tiger Reserve in Karnataka, we noticed a few common langurs at play. We paused for a few minutes to observe them jumping around trees, very close to some electric lines running beside the road. Suddenly, one of the excited Langurs jumped straight on to the wires. Unfortunately, it touched two wires at the same time. There was a big spark, which threw the langur off. As it fell to the ground and lay still, we were sure it was dead. However, to our surprise, it revived after about 5 minutes, and slightly nodded its head. Miraculously, it had survived, and, hopefully, has learnt a valuable lesson. It got me wondering how many animals are affected by these live electric wires running through our forests every year.

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