Dhole and Indian Wolf, Debrigarh, Odisha

Saroj Panda

Chosen as 'Picture of the Week'

Once in a blue moon, a truly remarkable photograph emerges - like this one from Debrigarh, Odisha, showing an Indian wolf and a dhole pack hanging out together. While it's heart warming to see them all looking healthy and relaxed, the picture begs the question, where is the rest of the wolf pack?

Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary in Western Odisha must currently be one of the very few PAs in the country where dholes and wolves co-exist! Interestingly, sporadic reports in March 2013 by frontline staff seem to indicate that the lone male wolf, which made its appearance about a month back, has been hanging around near the pack of dholes. In fact, the RFO could see them interacting in close proximity for extended periods of time — feigning charges, scent marking, etc.

The 354 sq km Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary comprises Lohara & Debrigarh reserved forests of the famous Barapahad hills of Bargarh District.

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