A Jungle-striped squirrel runover by a speeding vehicle

Vijay Karthick

Chosen as 'Picture of the Week'

Fragmentation of habitats by linear intrusions like roads and railway tracks is a huge threat to wildlife. Conservationists must insist that new roads should circumvent large blocks of habitat rather than bisect them.

This image was taken along the Aliyar – Valparai ghat road on 29th March 2013 in the Anamalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu. Speeding two wheelers and cars on these roads pose a serious threat to this lesser known species of the Western Ghats. These squirrels had to cross the road to reach another patch of shola forest amidst tea estates. We saw another Jungle-striped Squirrel nearby. Further up, the same road turns killer to the endangered Lion-tailed macaques which are frequently compelled to come down from the trees and cross the road, just like the squirrels.

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