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Chital Chewing Plastic Bag, Bandipur

Shaheen Falcon with Rose-ringed Parakeet Kill, Nilgiris

Jungle Cat in the Bag

Leopard on a tree

Egyptian Vulture in Tirunelveli

Mottled Wood Owl Road Kill, Mysore

A Jungle-striped squirrel runover by a speeding vehicle

Sarus Cranes, Noida

Tiger and a plastic bottle, Bandipur

Leopard Roadkill in Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve

Cattle grazing inside Bandipur National Park

Common Palm Civet Roadkill at Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve

Blackbuck Entangled by Barbwire, Jayamangali Blackbuck Conservation Reserve

Tourists Gone Wild

Changing Landscapes

Bird Poachers Caught Red-handed at Kelambakkam Lake, Chennai

Tigress on Gaur Kill, Nagarahole

Animal Proof Trash Containers

Blackbuck Near Mysore Reserve Forest

Lion-tailed Macaque with Ice Cream, Anamalai Hills

From Wild To Captivity: An Orphaned Elephant Calf

Elephants Attempting to Cross Elephant Proof Trench

Sloth Bear in Nagarahole

A Narrow Escape

Irresponsible Tourists Feeding Langurs In Mudumalai

Eco-tourism in a Fragile Habitat

Growing Metros Choking Lakes

Tusker Crossing Mysore-Mananthavadi Highway

Lone Elephant in Degrading Landscape

Peacock Display in Nagarahole

Tourists Chase Away Bonnet Macaques in Bandipur

Cinereous Vulture Rescue By Forest Department in Melghat

Village Dogs and Indian Gaur, Nagarahole

Tourists and ‘Not So Wild’ Life

Morning Rush, Nagarahole

Eating away their grasslands

Flamingoes and Trucks – Birds at Lake Rajewadi, Satara District.

Painted Storks — Living with Trucks and JCBs, Pune

Leopard Outside Protected Areas

Conflict or Coexistence – Villagers and Elephants, Nagarahole

Elephants and People, Nagarahole

Bird Trap, Sulur Lake, Coimbatore

Egret Hunting, Koraput, Odisha

Thirunelli-Kudrakote Elephant Corridor, Wayanad, Kerala

Unregulated Tourism at Kaas Plateau, Maharashtra.

Long-billed Vulture Chick, Ramanagara, Karnataka