Animal Proof Trash Containers

Smevin Paul

This image was taken in Nagarahole Tiger Reserve in Karnataka on 9th May 2010. There is a sign board in which the fourth and fifth points warn tourists of the dangers of plastics. Ironically, there is an open concrete trash pit right below the post and a sambar and some monkeys are feeding from the waste containing paper and plastic.

In many wildlife preserves across the country, visitor and information centres contain such crude methods of trash disposal which inevitably attracts deer, boar and monkeys. In the US, bears are notorious for being able to even break into tourist cars in search of food. Apart from strict regulations against leaving food in cars, in those countries, trash bins are designed to be animal proof and thus stop these types of issues. A leaf could be taken out of trash bin designs in such countries, designs which do the job without being complicated or too expensive.


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