Flamingoes and Trucks – Birds at Lake Rajewadi, Satara District.

Vishwatej Pawar

I made this image at Rajewadi Lake, Satara, Maharashtra where even in summer, huge flocks of birds are seen. Even ‘Reversed Migrants’ like Flamingos (Greater and Lesser) and Black-tailed Godwits were seen apart from the resident Spoonbills, Painted Storks, Herons & Egrets, Small Pratincoles, Great Thick-knees, etc during this week in June. This tells us that the lake has a preferable habitat for such birds and already holds good populations. The water level seemed to be quite low because of the scanty rainfall and scorching heat in the area. Lots of digging activity is going on around the lake in areas where water will probably reach after some rains. If this digging goes on for an extensive amount of time, then there definitely will be changes in the natural habitat of the flora & fauna at the lake, i.e., there will be an increase in the depth of the lake. The birds are getting disturbed due to the noise of the machines at work and humans going too close to the birds (for various reasons like washing vehicles and clothes, fishing, etc.).

It might be too early to state that this digging is causing too much disturbance to the wildlife at the lake. But it might be a cause for concern, if this goes on without considering the habitat changes that might occur. More information on this project will be needed to ensure what things are exactly happening at the lake. Prevention is better than cure.

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  1. vishwatejpawar

    This is a drought prone area and people of the Rajewadi village are dependent only on this lake’s water at the moment. There are no other water bodies in the area outside the village for miles. I have even seen loads of people standing at the roadside, waiting for water tankers to load their containers with usable water in nearby villages. MAYBE, that is why the digging is going on. Lets hope they maintain the balance between human needs & bird needs.

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