Thirunelli-Kudrakote Elephant Corridor, Wayanad, Kerala

Vishwanath M K

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For the long-term conservation of elephants, it is important to maintain viable populations within viable habitats and this could be maintained by linking the fragmented ones as well as by protecting and strengthening the existing corridors. The Thirunelli-Kudrakote corridor is one such.

This picture of a tusker attempting to cross the road was taken in the Thirunelli-Kudrakote Elephant Corridor in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala. A number of human settlements are present here adding to the pressure in addition to roads like these. This road leads to the famous Thirunelli Temple which is a very popular tourism destination.

Several Indian and International wildlife NGOs and charities are working with the government to secure the 42-mile Thirunelli-Kudrakote corridor, a vital funnel route for elephants, only half a mile wide at its narrowest point.

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