Feral Dog with Little Grebe Kill, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Pranjal J Saikia


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Feral dogs and cats are among the serious insidious threats faced by India’s wildlife every day. Countless birds and animals fall prey to these omnipresent predators that have learnt to thrive between the wild and a domesticated existence.

The menace that feral dogs pose to wildlife is once again seen in this picture, taken on 05/11/2017 near Jodhpur.
Feral dogs are fed by people here as a religious practice. Because of the easily available food, and the protection and care received by them in the city, their population has increased by several times in the last few years. The dogs are found just about everywhere. In several parts of the city, they have become quite a menace, and sometimes attack humans. 

Some of them have become expert hunters and are often seen near water bodies. They wait in silence for a bird to come near, and then pounce on it. The dog in the photograph caught the little grebe in this fashion. 

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Pranjal J Saikia

Pranjal is a superintending geologist, Oil India Limited, Jodhpur.


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