Banded Krait Meets a Banded Fate, Gibbon Sanctuary, Assam

Sugandhi and Rana Belur


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Railway tracks and roads running through wildlife habitats are huge hazards for wildlife. Speeding vehicles and trains kill indiscriminately - from elephants to snakes, no animal is safe.

We were at the Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary in Assam during early November ’17.  It was a rather foggy day and the hoolock gibbons had decided to stay way up in the canopy.

Accompanied by our local guide and the forest guard, we began walking along the railway line that divides the park. They were telling us that the primates are found on either side of the track.

Just as we began chatting about the obvious dangers to them in crossing railway lines, someone called out “snake”. And there it was, this bright black-and-yellow Banded Krait, dead. Its head was missing, most likely crushed between the wheels and the rail. It was almost as if its death was a gory testimony to the chat we had just had, on the dangers of linear intrusions in protected areas.

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Sugandhi and Rana Belur

Rana and Sugandhi are Bangalore-based nature and wildlife lovers.



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