Infamous Poacher Narayan Chand Gets Five Years Imprisonment

Narayan Chand, younger brother of notorious poacher Sansar Chand, has been sentenced to five years imprisonment in a leopard poaching case dating back to 2005. Narayan Chand is infamous as the poacher who was responsible for the poaching which eradicated the tigers in Sariska Tiger Reserve. Following his arrest in 2009, Narayan Chand confessed to having been involved in the purchase of pelts and body parts of 10 tigers from the Ramnagar area of Corbett Reserve. He also confessed to having dealt with pelts and body parts of 20 leopards poached in the state. There is concern at the easy manner in which Narayan Chand, Sansar Chand and Sansar Chand’s wife Rani, all obtained bail in a single day. The lack of aggressive and effective action by the State Forest Department is also blamed for the delays in convicting these established poachers.

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