Workshop: Conservation of Endangered Black-necked Cranes

Black-necked Cranes in Phobjika, Bhutan
Ramki Sreenivasan
The Black-necked Crane is globally vulnerable and is a flagship species of the high-altitude marshes of Ladakh, Bhutan and the Tibetan Plateau.

A 2-day workshop, called ‘Cranes Calling’, was held in New Delhi for knowledge-sharing and information exchange among experts on conservation of Black-necked Cranes. The workshop was organized by WWF-India, MoEF, BNHS and Indian Bird Conservation Network (IBCN) and included delegates from India, China and Bhutan. Union Minister Jairam Ramesh was the chief guest. Mr. Ramesh remarked that conservation of Black-necked Cranes deserves special attention, not only because of the significance to nature, but because of the opportunities it brings for regional and international co-operation.

The primary objectives of the workshop were to facilitate knowledge-sharing and information exchange among conservation experts on the Black-necked Crane, to foster international cooperation among India, China and Bhutan, and to explore the opportunities of community exchange programmes between these countries. The Black-necked Crane is listed as ‘Vulnerable’ in IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species and represents the fragility of this high altitude ecosystem.

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