India Starts Country Specific Conservation Red List

Blackbuck is a near-threatened animal as per Red List
Ramki Sreenivasan

India has decided to start a country specific red list of endangered species. The IUCN’s red list is the reference point for conservationists all over the world. While India has 57 species listed in the IUCN list as endangered, information on many wild species is poor and listed as data insufficient. To fill this gap, two documents – “Red List of Indian Plants” and “Red list of Indian Animals” are to be released during the Convention on Biological Diversity to be held in October 2012. The red list will follow the guidelines set by IUCN which has been maintaining Red lists since 1963. The Indian effort will be assisted by multiple organizations across the country, but the final data will be analyzed and a report published by the Botanical Survey of India and the Zoological Survey of India.

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