Greater Adjutant in Guwahati Garbage Dump, Assam

Sandesh Kadur

Sandesh Kadur
Greater Adjutant Storks patiently await their turn at a landfill

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This image represents the tragic plight of these endangred birds. The bird has seen a rapid decline because of destruction of roosting places and filling-up of wetlands for development.

Endangered Greater Adjutant Storks Leptoptilos dubius patiently await their turn at a landfill near Guwahati, Assam. They await their turn patiently at the garbage table – every time a fresh truckload of garbage enters the landfill people rush to it first, and once they are done with their pickings the storks move in filling their gullets with rotten meat. I still wonder how this species living so calmly in an urban environment could be so endangered.

The Greater Adjutant Stork is the most endangered stork of the world as it stands today. The IUCN, International Wetland Research Bureau (IWRB) Specialist Group on Stork, Ibis and Spoonbill (SIS) and the International Council of Bird Preservation (ICBP) have all declared the Greater Adjutant Stork as first priority species for conservation .

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