Losing their Home — Greater Adjutants in Assam

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The Greater Adjutant (Leptoptilos dubius), an endangered scavenger stork, is globally threatened, with an estimated population of 800-1200 mature individuals, out of which 650-800 are in Assam (Choudhury, 2000). Half of the Assamese population is found in and around Guwahati City (Choudhury, 2008) near the Boragaon Garbage dump, Deepor Beel, Guwahati. Deepor Beel, a permanent freshwater lake in a former channel of the Brahmaputra River, is a Ramsar site, which was originally over 40 sq km. Currently it is … Read More

Greater Adjutant, Guwahati, Assam

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I photographed this at the Guwahati Garbage Dump, Assam.

The Greater Adjutant (Leptoptilos dubius) is a member of the stork family, Ciconiidae. Its genus includes the lesser adjutant of Asia and the marabou stork of Africa. Once found widely across southern Asia, mainly in India but extending east to Borneo, the greater adjutant is now restricted to a much smaller range with only two small breeding populations; one in India with the largest colony in Assam and the … Read More

YETI 2011 Concludes in Guwahati

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The three-day 2011 Young Ecologists Talk and Interact (YETI) concluded in Guwahati. A number of workable solutions for conservation challenges in the North East have come out of the conference. A panel discussion on “Conservation Challenges in NE India” underlined the need for sharing research output among government departments and researchers. Dr. Ravi Chellam, Director, Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, stressed on the need to bring out conservation issues to larger forums outside the region.

Aparajita Dutta, senior scientist, Nature Conservation … Read More

YETI 2011, Guwahati, December 13 – 15, 2011

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Young Ecologists Talk and Interact (YETI) is a first-of-its-kind conference for students and researchers working in the discipline of ecology in India. YETI is unique in being organized entirely by student volunteers from across the country.

YETI is an all-student event – for students, by students. The organizers of YETI are attached to the following institutions in Bangalore and Mysore – Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Nature Conservation Foundation, Ashoka Trust for … Read More

Greater Adjutant in Guwahati Garbage Dump, Assam

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Endangered Greater Adjutant Storks Leptoptilos dubius patiently await their turn at a landfill near Guwahati, Assam. They await their turn patiently at the garbage table – every time a fresh truckload of garbage enters the landfill people rush to it first, and once they are done with their pickings the storks move in filling their gullets with rotten meat. I still wonder how this species living so calmly in an urban environment could be so endangered.

The Greater Adjutant Stork … Read More