Linear Intrusions, Electricity and Elephants

N Suresh

N Suresh

Chosen as 'Picture of the Week'

As this image vividly depicts, man-made linear infrastructure such as roads, highways, powerlines, railway lines, canals, pipelines (water, gas, petroleum), electric fences, and firelines, are now widely recognised to have many highly detrimental ecological effects.

This was photographed by my colleague N. Suresh on the way to Mysore from Munnar in a place called “shooting spot” near Munnar where a lot of movie shootings happen. He took this interesting image and shared it with me to post on Conservation India.

The image, while it looks “green”, has hardly anything wild about it — cleared mountain slopes, exotic plantation all around and transmission lines right through it. The image conveys the serious treats to these elephants in these fragile western ghats landscapes due to serious fragmentation of forests and other development like roads, electricity lines, railway lines, canals, hydroelectric projects and tourism resorts.

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