Tusker in Tea, Munnar

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Asiatic Elephant (Elephas maximus) is the largest land animal in India. Poached for ivory, large tusked males are a rare sight nowadays. Eravikulam National Park in Kerala is surrounded by tea estates. A number of shola patches were destroyed decades ago when the tea estates were established. These estates are used as corridors by elephants when moving to other forest patches, thereby bringing them into conflict with humans.… Read More

Linear Intrusions, Electricity and Elephants

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This was photographed by my colleague N. Suresh on the way to Mysore from Munnar in a place called “shooting spot” near Munnar where a lot of movie shootings happen. He took this interesting image and shared it with me to post on Conservation India.

The image, while it looks “green”, has hardly anything wild about it — cleared mountain slopes, exotic plantation all around and transmission lines right through it. The image conveys the serious treats to these elephants … Read More

Captive Hill Myna, Munnar, Kerala

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In many parts of India, people still keep wild animals captive in their homes as pets. This photographer found this captive Southern or lesser Hill Myna (Gracula indica) at a grocery store in Munnar, Kerala. The store also had a captive Malabar (blue-winged parakeet). This photo was taken in March 2012.

The Wildlife Protection Act (WLPA) prohibits any person (other than a recognized zoo including a rescue centre) from keeping any wild animal (species listed in Schedule I … Read More