Captive Hill Myna, Munnar, Kerala

Kiran B Bhangare

In many parts of India, people still keep wild animals captive in their homes as pets. This photographer found this captive Southern or lesser Hill Myna (Gracula indica) at a grocery store in Munnar, Kerala. The store also had a captive Malabar (blue-winged parakeet). This photo was taken in March 2012.

The Wildlife Protection Act (WLPA) prohibits any person (other than a recognized zoo including a rescue centre) from keeping any wild animal (species listed in Schedule I to IV) in captivity without the previous permission in writing of the Chief Wildlife Warden (CWLW). Every person who by any means obtains possession of such wild/captive animals shall within 48 hours make a report to the nearest police station or the authorised officer and handover such government property.

In this view, possessing captive animals listed in the Schedules without permission is an offence.

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