Precious Wayanad in Peril

George Thengummottil

Chosen as 'Picture of the Week'

Wayanad, like the proverbial golden goose, is being cut open and nearly killed, just to satisfy the greed of a few selfish people.

Wayanad is home to Edakkal Caves, a group of ancient, natural caves, with stone age carvings believed to be around 8000 years old. Located amidst the precious Western Ghats, the huge rocky hills near Edakkal now face the threat of several illegal quarries that blast the hills off to feed the market for sand and gravel. Uncontrolled tourism is also adding to the environmental degradation. Tourists who come from every part of the country litter plastic bags and beer bottles, not only by the road side, but also inside the forest. Some even pursue wild animals, driving rashly along jungle tracks and narrow village roads. There is a new road being laid all the way to the top of the Edakkal Caves. It is path laid for innumerable tourist vehicles to come roaring in, create a mess and leave in cloud of thick, black smoke.

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