Free Ranging Dogs with Indian Hare inside Mayureshwar Sanctuary, Maharashtra

Hari Somashekar

Hari Somashekar

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We receive several images of domestic / feral dogs attacking wild prey. These dogs, from human settlements in or around wildlife habitat, not only deplete wild prey populations, but also increase the potential for pathogen transmission to wildlife.

I took these pictures of a free ranging dog feasting on an Indian Hare inside Mayureshwar Sanctuary on 21st April 2014 around 7.00 A.M. Free ranging dogs in protected areas and grasslands is a big issue across India, including in Maharashtra, and the forest department needs to address this on priority.

Mayureshwar Sanctuary is 72 kms from Pune near a place called Supe. Its grassland ecosystem is home to Indian Gazelle (Chinkara), Indian Fox, Hyena, Wolf and Jackal.

Conservation India has highlighted the threat of feral dogs to wildlife across India’s forests and grasslands.

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Hari Somashekar
Hari Somashekar is State Director, Karnataka for WWF- India.


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