Supreme Court Panel directs State Government to stop construction activity in Ranthambore

One of the major dams being built
Dharmendra Khandal | Tiger Watch
Undertaking construction work inside protected areas national parks is violative of provisions in the law.

The Central Empowered Committee constituted by the Supreme Court has ordered that all construction activity that violates the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 and other court directives, be stopped. The directive is the result of a petition by Belinda Wright, executive director of Wildlife Protection Society of India. Massive construction work is being undertaken by the forest department to construct 20 big dams. The forest department is undertaking these activities in response to a severe scarcity of water last summer. Wildlife activists contend that the arid ecosystem will be irreversibly damaged by the excess exposure to water and also that the areas where constructions are happening are critical tiger breeding areas.

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