Wild Dog (Dhole) With a Plastic Bottle, Nagarahole

Mahesh Bhat

Mahesh Bhat

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Irresponsible littering by tourists is a serious downside of unregulated and excessive tourism in protected areas. Park authorities -- already understaffed to manage core park priorities of enforcement and protection -- are just not equipped to deal with challenges of tourism.

Photographer Mahesh Bhat shot this wild dog chewing on a plastic bottle near the Sunkadakatte elephant camp in Nagarahole National Park in Karnataka.

Irresponsibly discarding garbage is one of the downsides of tourism in protected areas. This bottle could have been thrown by one of the tourists who visited the elephant camp or the forest rest house in the heart of the park.

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Mahesh Bhat
The author is an editorial and documentary photographer based in Bangalore, India.


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