Leopard Enters Siliguri Village; Policemen and Forest Guards Injured

A leopard that strayed into a village near Siliguri injured policemen and forest guards who tried to tranquilize it. Five other villagers were also injured. The leopard eventually died in the evening after being brought to a veterinary center at Sukna. Villagers spotted the leopard in the morning and raised the alarm. The leopard was startled and when the villagers started chasing it around, it tried to flee and injured five villagers in the process. The forest department officials reached the spot with a large number of policemen and forest guards. The leopard pounced upon a forest guard who tried to tranquilize it and injured him critically before fleeing away. The leopard was located again later in the evening around 5:30 PM and three policemen who tried to approach the leopard in an open vehicle were injured by it. The leopard suffered injuries as the policemen had used batons and knives to try to save their colleagues. This is suspected to have led to the death of the leopard.

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