Marsh Crocodile Dead After Swallowing Fishing Net, Ranganathittu

Oumkar Umesh

Oumkar Umesh

A male ‘Marsh crocodile’, found dead in Cauvery River at Ranganathittu bird sanctuary near Srirangapatna in the Mandya district on Monday night, swallowed a piece of fishing net.

The crocodile was around 40-years old. The carcass of the crocodile was found floating near an islet at the sanctuary on Monday night. There was some panic that it died of disease as at least 35,000 birds have nested on the trees at the islets at Ranganathittu. The incident has raised a serious concern over the safety of birds and crocodiles in the sanctuary as illegal fishing continues unabated near the famous bird sanctuary.

Initially, the forest officials suspected that the crocodile had died of gastroenteritis. The doctors later removed a piece of fishing net and some stones from the crocodile during postmortem.

As the crocodile had not died of any illness, all birds in the sanctuary are safe, a veterinary doctor clarified. Ranganathittu bird sanctuary is considered good habitat for the breeding of Marsh Crocodiles. The sanctuary has at least 80 adult Marsh crocodiles.

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