Tiger killed in territorial fight in Corbett National Park

Tigers in Corbett
Ramki Sreenivasan
Territorial fights between tigers are common; sometimes with deadly results.

A male tiger which had been killed by a younger male tiger in a territorial fight, was discovered in the Dhara beat of the Kalagarh range by forest department staff on patrol. The national park staff decided to investigate the site on hearing tiger roars and smelling a carcass. They came upon a scene where the victorious male was lying with its paws on the body of the dead tiger. The eyes had been gouged and the skin of the hind portion ripped out. This is the fourth tiger death in Corbett National Park since the beginning of 2011.

As the younger male remained in the vicinity after the incident and continued roaring, the forest department cordoned off the area to prevent any conflict with humans.

CK Kavidayal, the deputy director of Corbett National Park, indicated that the dead tiger was believed to be about ten years of age and stressed that no human intervention was suspected in its death. National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) guidelines are being followed and a post-mortem is expected to be conducted to identify the cause of death accurately.

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