Rom Whitaker’s Documentary One Million Snakebites Screened

Rom with a King Cobra
Draco India
The documentary “One Million Snake Bites” sends out the message – that humans and snakes must learn to coexist.

Rom Whitaker’s One Million Snakebites was screened in Sathyam Cinemas, Chennai to celebrate World Environment Day. The movie aims to dispel myths about snakes and also conveys basic facts about snakes and how to avoid deadly encounters with them. Agricultural workers are more at risk as they frequently work in snake habitats. The movie also talks about venom, its purpose and how Rom is on a quest to find out if there are variations of venom across the geographical landscape.

About the documentary:

From the giant King Cobra to the tiny saw-scaled viper, India is home to many of the world’s deadliest snakes. Now a new report has revealed that India is in the middle of a snakebite epidemic of epic proportions, with a loss of human life far in excess of any official figures. Armed with more than forty years of field experience, snake expert Romulus Whitaker and his team set out on a journey around India to investigate the natural history behind these chilling new statistics and to see what can be done to help India’s people and ultimately, its snakes.

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