Translocation of Swamp Deer Planned in Manas National Park

Swamp Deer in Kaziranga
Ramki Sreenivasan
Swamp deer from Kaziranga has about 1200 swamp deer will be translocated for revival of this species in Manas.

In accordance with suggestions given by UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee (WHC), the forest department is planning to increase the population of swamp deer in Manas National Park. Translocation of swamp deer from Kaziranga into Manas is planned as a three year project. Kaziranga has around 1200 swamp deer, whereas Manas has only 20. Eleven rhinos have been translocated from Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary into Manas since 2008 and the translocation has been deemed successful.

The recovery plan has been prepared on the guidelines of the Union ministry of environment and forests.

Two populations of the swamp deer sub-species continue to exist in Assam, with over 1000 of these in Kaziranga National Park and less than 20 in Manas National Park. Prior to the civil unrest in 1990s, Manas harboured a healthy population of swamp deer.

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